If you didn't watch The Walking Dead Season 8 premiere last night, there will be no shortage of SPOILERS below, so be sure to read on at your own risk. Long before the premiere aired, we knew this season would be following the All Out War comics, and with any war comes casualties, with Andrew Lincoln teasing in a new interview that this season will feature some of the biggest deaths. Here's what he had to say below.

"It's bigger than we've ever invented. What the writers have tried to do narratively, it's a roller coaster this season. It's real life, but it is anchored with I think some of the biggest deaths we've ever dealt with. And the second half I think is even darker and deeper and more connected than we've ever done. I've never been involved in the season that is so all-out. The crew are the glue that have kept this show together and this season they have worked harder than I've ever seen any human beings work, and I want this show to be the best ever for them, for what they've done. And, of course, the fans. I want this to be the best season we've ever done. In my heart, that's what I want it to be."
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It's worth noting that, in the Walking Dead comics, there are no main characters from the show that are killed off during this two-volume All Out War story, although the first volume does feature the death of King Ezekiel's (Khary Payton) tiger, Shiva, and the death of Eric (Jordan Woods-Robinson), the boyfriend of Aaron (Ross Marquand). The second volume also featured the death of Denise Cloyd, but that character has already been killed off in the TV series, and with the show's tendency to diverge from the comics, there could be a number of unexpected deaths this season. Andrew Lincoln also talked about having to play these three different versions of Rick in the episode, the present-day version, the "Old Man Rick" version and the Rick with bloodshot eyes who spoke about "mercy prevailing over wrath" in the final moments of the episode. Here's what he had to say, when asked how difficult it was to keep track of these different versions of Rick.

"It's a brilliant question, a very complicated question as well because (showrunner) Scott Gimple probably is a man who keeps his cards extremely close to his chest and there were several conversations where I was saying, 'I kind of need to know who I'm talking to,' or 'Is this reality?' And he was cagey. And rightly so, because it's quite exciting. It feels like perhaps there are these variations in a future that's being offered up perhaps. But I think that the idea is that they are intended to be abstract."

As for Old Man Rick, Scott Gimple teased last month that the Old Man Rick mystery will be "solved" by the time the show gets to its mid-season finale later this year, so we still have a ways to go before we'll truly know what's happening in these scenes. There has also been confirmation of a Walking Dead crossover between the flagship series and the Fear the Walking Dead companion series, with one character crossing over between the two shows. There had been rumors that it may be Michael Cudlitz's character Abraham Ford, who was killed in the Season 7 premiere by Negan, but executive producer/director Greg Nicotero shot down that rumor. You can visit Entertainment Weekly for more of the site's interview with Andrew Lincoln.