Remember when Rick and his surrogate family of survivors were stuck on that farm for what seemed like an eternity way back in Season 2? Oh, how things have changed over the past few years! The Walking Dead has turned into a rolling riot over the course of seven seasons, and now, we're lucky if an episode stops to catch its breath. It doesn't look like that will be happening much in these upcoming new episodes, launching on October 23. While Rick and his leftover survivors now must contend with the pure evil that is Negan, it appears that something much worse is on the horizon.

AMC has posted a new photo to their Instagram. And it teases a new threat. Fans haven't even learned the identity behind Negan's victim, with the big cliffhanger reveal still days away. But the recent trailers have hinted at what's to come in this first half of the new year. And we're certainly being introduced to some fan favorite characters from the comic books.

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Though, most fans thought that the dreaded Whisperers were a long ways away from making an appearance on the horror drama. This new promo image suggests otherwise. The photo features a severed head on a pole. It is accompanied by the tagline: 'You've been warned.' There is no direct mention of The Whisperers. But this 'warning' will hit close to home for anyone who's read the comics.

A similar warning as to what we see in this photo was left for Rick and his crew when they first came up against the Whisperers in the comic book universe. The Whisperes are a group of zombie apocalypse survivors who have found a way to walk amongst the dead undisturbed. They have crafted grotesque costumes from the flesh of walkers, and they never, under any circumstance, speak louder than a whisper to their tight knit family.

That said, they are known to be quite brutal in both their attacks and their tactics. They are protective of their land, and this severed head warning is meant to keep other humans from encroaching on their territory. The Whisperers would be joining a new Season that has been described as brave and bold in the press, one that will see Negan rise to ultimate power, while also introducing Ezekiel and his tiger companion Shiva.

That said, while it may sound like Season 7 will be a bit crowded, it's possible that the Whisperers will come on like the Wolves, roaming in the background for a long while before they make themselves truly known. The Walking Dead returns with the Season 7 premiere 'The Day Will Come When You Won't Be' on Sunday, October 23, 2016 only on AMC. Take a look and know you've been warned.

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