If you haven't watched last weekend's episode of The Walking Dead, there will be SPOILERS below, so be sure to read on at your own risk. After every episode of The Walking Dead, AMC releases a 30-second trailer and a clip from the next episode on YouTube, along with the "most talked about scene" from the episode that just aired. The most talked about scene from last week's New Best Friends was, hands down, the scene where Rick was engaged in an incredibly memorable fight with one of the most insane zombies ever. We have that scene for you to relive over and over again, along with new details about this scene from Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus, but this is your last chance to avoid SPOILERS, so be warned.

At the end of the mid-season premiere, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his group were ambushed by a mysterious new group, which caused Rick to crack a huge smile. During Sunday night's New Best Friends, Rick tried to recruit this large group to join his fight against Negan and The Saviors, but before the group's leader Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh) gave Rick a seemingly impossible challenge: to defeat a zombie named Winslow, who was covered in armor with sharp wooden spikes sticking out of his body. Entertainment Weekly caught up with Andrew Lincoln, who shed some light on filming that incredible junkyard scene, which was actually the same location as the old prison yard from Seasons 3 and 4. Here's what the actor had to say about seeing this massive junkyard landscape, and going toe-to-toe with this spiked zombie, played by makeup special effects artist Gino Crognale.

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"It was wild. We were still shooting other episodes while it went up and it happened within something like three days, they delivered this junkyard. And they kept building and building and building this crazy Mad Max landscape. And then we did the CGI with the blue screen for several scenes, and I haven't seen it, but you get this maze that just goes into the distance. We got lucky with the weather and Atlanta took pity on us that day when I got thrown into the pit of hell and had to wrestle with my dear friend Gino, who played the spiky pinheaded monster there. It was insane. I lost my mind that day. It was so much fun. Mike Satrazemis, who does the camera work, loves getting hurt as much as I do, and he sent me a shot of me all bandaged and bruised and cuts and blood everywhere, looking as happy as I've ever been in the pit, in this dirty, smelly environment, and it's just like, what a life! It was just such a gas, that whole episode. It was just a breath of fresh air. It's insane."

The site also spoke with Norman Reedus, who revealed that he wasn't even scheduled to be on set that day, but he actually flew in to watch Rick battle this zombie. The actor also revealed he was trying to find a way to be a part of another memorable scene, where Rick and Michonne (Danai Gurira) used two cars and some wire to literally slice a horde of zombies in half. Here's what Norman Reedus had to say about watching these scenes go down.

"Hell yeah, dude! I didn't even work that day and I flew in just to watch that stuff. It was great! And the guy Gino who played that guy, he's one of Greg Nicotero's right-hand men and does special effects on the show, and he did such a good job. It was really hot that day and he couldn't see anything and he's covered in spikes and there's garbage everywhere and they're falling into it and they're dumping garbage on his head. Hats off to Gino, because he pulled that off. That was a great day. It was very Mad Max. It was awesome. There are certain scenes where you're like, 'Oh, man. Can I be in that?!' That was one of them. Cutting the zombies in half with the wire and the two cars, I was like 'Oh, man. Do I have to stay back while you guys go do that?' Like, c'mon!"

Before this Rick vs. spiked zombie scene went down, both Rick and this new group's leader Jadis were trying to get a feel for one another, which seemed to have a somewhat flirtatious vibe. Andrew Lincoln also thought there was a strange sexual dynamic with that introduction that he thought went over real well on the set. Here's what he had to say about Rick meeting Jadis below.

"I don't know how it plays on screen, but I instantly loved what she brought to the show. And there was a combative but also kind of a sexual, flirtatious, strange, weird dynamic that happened quite instantaneously. And Jadis was so odd and strange, and I think Rick is kind of amused by them, but also inspired. Because she's so strong and because she is so clear in what she is doing, and the way she is delivering the message is so impressive and so concrete, you kind of go along with it and go, 'All right, you talk in a very strange way. No idea why. But this can work.' As soon as she said 'Up-Up-Up' I thought, there's the T-shirt right there: Up-Up-Up. It's so weird, and yet she really, really landed it. There's a kind of lightness, and we spoke about it. Showrunner Scott M. Gimple gave me a heads up. He said, 'I want this back half to explore this freedom and this humor that comes with this liberated guy. And there's a sense of discovery and lightness.' He said to think about it like Indiana Jones and try to push into that area, which I took and ran with. And this episode is definitely feeling out that area. And it's really good fun, especially after such a battering first half, to move into an area that's still in the world but a different suburb than we've been before."

The episode ended with Rick and Jadis coming to a mutual agreement, with Rick and his group agreeing to find a lot of guns for Jadis and her group, and in exchange, they'll help him fight The Saviors. While he wouldn't say exactly where the guns are stashed, Andrew Lincoln teased that he thinks many audience members who follow the comic books may have already figured out where they are stashed. While we wait for this week's episode of The Walking Dead, take a look at the scene from New Best Friends, where Rick battles one of the most insane zombies in the show's history.