As the countdown continues to The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere on Sunday, October 21, AMC has debuted a new preview for this season which centers on Negan. As you well know, Negan made his debut in the Season 6 premiere, killing one member of Rick's (Andrew Lincoln) group, although we don't know who it was. This trailer doesn't give us any hints about Negan's victim, but it does offer plenty of new footage with Negan himself.

AMC debuted this footage on the show's Twitter, which is only available for U.S. fans to watch, although we have another low-res embed for fans in the rest of the world to watch too. The footage shows Negan spelling out the rules, presumably for Rick and his crew, and we even see characters like Dwight (Austin Amelio) and others kneel before Negan as he walks by. We don't see much of Rick and his crew, but we do get brief snippets of footage with Carol (Melissa Suzanne McBride), Tara (Alana Masterson) and Morgan (Lennie James).

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Negan is also seen telling an unidentified character that whatever they had "going for them" is now over, because he is "everywhere." Unfortunately, we don't see any more footage of a new addition to the show, Khary Payton's King Ezekiel, the leader of a group known as The Kingdom. Ezekiel is often seen with a pet tiger known as Shiva, but we don't know exactly when both Ezekiel and his group from The Kingdom will first surface this season.

At the end of Season 6, both Morgan and Carol came across unnamed characters who, judging by their costumes, most assumed were members of The Kingdom. Morgan and Carol will become the first characters to set foot in The Kingdom this season, but we're not sure exactly when that may take place. In The Walking Dead comic books by Robert Kirkman, The Kingdom is essentially a college campus that had been fortified by Ezekiel and his group.

Another mystery that recently surfaced has fans questioning the fate of Daryl Dixon, the fan-favorite character played by Norman Reedus. The clip showed Dwight riding Daryl's motorcycle while also wearing his winged vest, which he is rarely seen without. It seems unlikely that the show will kill off Daryl Dixon, but certainly anything is possible. Take a look at this new trailer for The Walking Dead Season 7.