Fans of AMC's hit zombie series The Walking Dead were left with a huge cliffhanger in the Season 6 finale, when the iconic villain Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) first surfaced, trapping several of our favorite characters, before picking one person to kill. Viewers weren't shown who was actually killed, with fans offering plenty of theories, rumors and speculation as to who this victim may be. Season 7 is currently in production, and as it turns out, the show took extreme precautions to make sure the identity of Negan's victim wasn't leaked early.

During the Season 6 finale, there were 11 characters who were trapped by Negan and his group dubbed The Saviors. These survivors were Carl (Chandler Riggs), Rick (Andrew Lincoln), Michonne (Danai Gurira), Eugene (Josh McDermitt), Maggie (Lauren Cohan), Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green), Daryl (Norman Reedus), Aaron (Ross Marquand), Rosita (Christian Serratos), Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) and Glenn (Steven Yeun). A new report from The Hollywood Reporter claims that the show shot death scenes for all of these characters, to prevent spoilers from leaking out early. The site's source claims that the producers will work with the director of the Season 7 premiere and the editors to determine which character will in fact die.

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We don't know for sure if that decision has already been made or not, but it seems likely, since we reported last week that filming was under way for the third episode of this season. That report claimed that two actors were missing from the set during this episode, Steven Yeun and Lauren Cohan. Steven Yeun even recently teased on social media that he's currently in South Korea, filming a role in the upcoming movie Okja for Brad Pitt's Plan B Productions. Aside from the fact that Glenn is Negan's victim in the comics, more evidence recently surfaced that claims Glenn is the one who gets killed by Negan.

An ambitious YouTube user recently slowed down the scene where Negan brings his bat Lucille down on one unlucky Alexandrian, claiming that this super-slow audio sounds like Glenn. Naturally, this isn't by any means a confirmation that Glenn is killed, but it's certainly something to consider. Glenn already had an earlier brush with death in Season 6, where the show hid his fate for a number of episodes, after it looked like he was being eaten alive after falling into a zombie horde.

Regardless of Glenn's fate, there are other mysteries to be solved when it comes to Season 7 of The Walking Dead. Last week's report teased that the third episode will feature a new character who will be familiar to comic book readers, Ezekiel, the leader of a group known as The Kingdom, although we don't know who's playing him yet. In the comics, The Kingdom is essentially a fortified college campus run by Ezekiel, a former zookeeper who is accompanied by his pet tiger named Shiva. There have been reports that Shiva will be portrayed through a combination of animatronics and CGI, but that hasn't been confirmed quite yet. Stay tuned for more on The Walking Dead as we get closer to the Season 7 premiere this fall on AMC.