Some fans are deeply invested in The Walking Dead. So much so, they actually feel like some of the characters are real people. One such fan was so deviated by the loss of a certain longtime member of the cast that the decided to take a real obituary out in their local paper. Read on knowing that there will be spoilers ahead.

When The Walking Dead Season 7 premiered this past Sunday, everyone knew at least one character was going to bite the dust. The newly introduced bad guy Negan was shown bringing his baseball bat Lucille down on the head of at least one survivor. As it turns out, Negan actually claimed two lives. One was expected, the other came as a surprise.

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Leading up to the debut of this particular episode, there had been much speculation as to who would be sent packing. Many guessed that Abarham Ford was safe since he'd already dodged the proverbial bullet laid out for him in the pages of the comic book. And the show already teased Glenn's death last year, they wouldn't make us watch him die twice, would they? Well, the answer turned out to be yes on both counts. Abraham and Glenn have now gone onto that big Alexandria in the sky.

While many were upset about both characters' death, one fan in particular took their love for a fictional character to new heights. They actually took out an obituary for Glenn in their local Arkansas newspaper. This is how the obituary reads.

"He is survived in death by his loving wife Maggie and their unborn child; Rick, Carl, and Judith Grimes; Carol Peletier; Daryl Dixon; the Warrior Woman known only as Michonne; and various other adoptive family members and associates that will likely be more memorable in their eventual deaths than they ever were in life. In lieu of flowers, the family asks that donations of LITERALLY ANYONE WHO CAN HELP THEM DEFEAT NEGAN be made in his memory."

That is actually kind of sweet, and pretty awesome that the newspaper agreed to run the obituary, most likely knowing that it was in reference to the hit AMC series. The obituary showed up in the Batesville, Arkansas newspaper, and is sure to become a collector's item. If you don't live in the area, you can check out the obituary in the tweet below.

The Walking Dead returns this Sunday with an all-new episode. But none of those who survived Negan's wrath are expected to appear as the show takes a break from the villain to return to Morgan and Carol's plotline. They have arrived at The Kingdom, which is run by King Eziekel and his pet tiger Shiva. It's expected that there will be another big surprise in this episode that fans won't see coming. Will it require another obituary in the Batesville, Arkansas newspaper? Perhaps.