The Walking Dead finally unveiled the Saviors in Sing Me a Song, a highly entertaining ninety-minute episode. Jeffrey Dean Morgan was at his megalomaniacal best as Negan. He shredded the screen with villainy while tightening his grip on the Alexandrians. A few characters go rogue, one with very damning results. The build-up to the mid-season finale is a whopper.

Sing Me a Song opens with the Alexandrians on their own quests. Michonne (Danai Gurira) whistles as she walks down a highway. She draws the walkers attention, kills them, then stars to stack their bodies. Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Aaron (Ross Marquand) have spent the night sleeping in the back of a truck. They are on the hunt for supplies.

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Two Saviors discuss laying traps with all the weaponry they confiscated. As they walk away, we see this is the truck with Carl (Chandler Riggs) and Jesus (Tom Payne) hiding. The truck gets close to the Saviors compound. Jesus notices a statue on the road. He tells Carl it's time to jump out. Carl implores him to go first, show him how to jump. Jesus rolls out onto the street, but Carl does not follow him.

The truck arrives at the Saviors gate. The men open the lift gate and start to haul the bounty. Carl hears Negan outside. He grabs a machine gun and opens fire, killing two men, before being taken down by Dwight (Austin Amelio). Negan cackles with glee, totally impressed by Carl's foolish bravado. He offers his hand to Carl, who at first refuses, then wisely takes it. Carl sees Daryl (Norman Reedus), still in his slave outfit, watching through the gate of spiked walkers. He looks up and we finally see the Saviors headquarters. It is a giant industrial factory.

Negan taunts Daryl as they walk by him. He calls Carl a bad ass. Tells him he's going for the grand tour. He walks into the factory. Everyone bows down before him. He turns around to Carl smiling, "are they still kneeling?" In Alexandria, Rosita (Christian Serratos) and Eugene are going on a run. Spencer (Austin Nichols) wants to go with them, but is shot down by her. He rails against Rick's leadership, but she isn't having it. She leaves with Eugene on foot, while he and Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) take a car.

Negan takes Carl to his harem of wives. He even offers to have them bare their breasts. He walks over to Sherry (Christine Evangelista). He asks her if one of the girls, Amber, had a secret rendezvous with one his men, Mark. Sherry gives her up. Negan gives Carl a beer, then struts over to the terrified Amber. His wives can leave if they want, but they cannot cheat if they stay. She begs to stay, but to have mercy on Mark. Negan starts kissing Sherry as Dwight brings Daryl in, holding a tray of food. He relishes kissing her in front of her husband.

In the car, Spencer tries to convince Father Gabriel that Rick must be killed. Gabriel admonishes him, gets out, and starts walking back to Alexandria. Spencer hears a walker in the woods and goes for it. He finds it perched on a tree lookout, with a crossbow and backpack.

Negan takes Carl to his luxurious bedroom. He forces him to remove his eyepatch. Then starts to mock how hideous it looks. Carl breaks down crying. Negan shows him a little sympathy and apologizes. One of his men brings him Lucille, his barbed wire bat. He asks Carl to sing him a song. At first Carl refuses, but Negan starts swinging menacingly. Carl sings "You Are My Sunshine". Another Savior comes in, the iron is ready.

At the factory forge, all his men, the slaves, and wives are present. Negan gives Lucille to Carl, then talks about the punishment for breaking the rules. Mark is tied to a chair by the forge. Dwight gives Negan a red hot iron. Wearing gloves, Negan burns Mark's face in front of a horrified Amber. Mark passes out from the pain and soils himself. Negan orders Daryl to clean it up.

Spencer has gotten the walker down from the tree. The backpack has a map written in Latin. Eugene and Rosita have found the factory where the bullets can be made. At first Eugene refuses to help, but Rosita harshly rebukes his cowardice. He begins to work.

Dwight shares a cigarette with Sherry in a stairwell. His burnt face a reminder of what they went through. He continues to believe they did the right thing. She walks away. In Negan's bedroom, Carl asks why Negan hasn't killed them yet. Negan replies he still has to break him, like he's done to Daryl and Rick. Carl defiantly says Negan should kill himself now, before he faces the wrath of the Alexandrians. Negan continues to be amazed by Carl's ferocity. He gathers his men to drive Carl home. At the gate, Daryl walks up to Negan and threatens him if anything should happen to Carl. Negan beckons Dwight to lock Daryl in his cage. As the convoy drives away, Jesus is hiding on top of a box truck.

A female Savior is in a truck on the highway. She comes to the blockade of walker bodies. When she gets out, Michonne is waiting for her. She forces the Savior into the car, then tells her, "Show me where Negan is." Rick and Aaron have come to a sign in the woods. It threatens to shoot trespassers, but they reason the writer must be already dead. They go deeper into the woods looking for supplies.

Negan knocks on Olivia's door in Alexandria. He calls her fat, she starts to cry in shame; he then propositions her for sex. Olivia slaps him. He tells her to make them some lemonade. He forces Carl to show him the house. Upstairs, Negan finds Judith's room. He wakes her up, smiling venomously. Carl is terrified. Locked in his room at the Saviors factory, someone slips Daryl a note under the door. It says "go now", with a key taped to the back.

Rick and Aaron reach a lake filled with walkers. In the middle is a houseboat. At the gates of Alexandria, Spencer drives up to Eugene and Rosita. His car is filled with supplies. The map in Latin had directions to several hidden caches. They are stunned when the Saviors open the gate. They walk up the street to Olivia's house. Negan has Judith asleep on his lap while sipping lemonade.

The last image of Negan holding Judith is jaw dropping. Carl's stupidity has led to them now firmly in Negan's clutches. There is an interesting shift in dynamics between the characters. Negan sees Carl as the son he never had. Now that he has Judith, Carl will do anything he wants. He's essentially stolen Rick's family. This turn of events bodes for an excellent Walking Dead mid-season finale, next week on AMC.

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