Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) make it to the Hilltop colony in episode five, Go Getters. This was another foundation laying exercise in The Walking Dead. The characters address the loss of Glenn and Abraham. We get another visit from the Saviors. Carl (Chandler Riggs) and Enid (Katelyn Nacon) ramp up their relationship. It gets a bit hokey, but the insurrection against the Saviors is definitely brewing on a new front.

Maggie wakes up in Dr. Carson's office at the Hilltop. The baby is fine, but she cannot exert herself in any way. He recommends that she stay for the duration of her pregnancy. Sasha takes her to the graves of Glenn and Abraham. Maggie lays down her father's watch, the one given to Glenn, on his mound. Jesus (Tom Payne) arrives with flowers. It is a somber moment that is ruined by Gregory (Zander Berkley). They burn their dead. He wants them to leave immediately. Their deal against the Saviors has made things worse for the Hilltop. Jesus convinces him to let them stay the night.

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In Alexandria, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Aaron (Ross Marquand) are going on a supply run. They have to get more for the Saviors before they return. Carl is furious that they are complacent. Rick and Michonne share a long kiss before he leaves. Michonne then takes her sword and leaves as well. She has something to investigate. Carl looks out his window and sees Enid going over the wall. Enid is going to Maggie at the Hilltop. Carl says he won't go out there to save her anymore.

Jesus has set up a room for Maggie and given her clothes. He also gives Sasha the pendant that Rosita had made for Abraham. Sasha questions why he puts up with Gregory. Jesus replies that he's no leader. On the road, Enid sees a walker coming up behind her. A car runs over the walker and smashes into an air tank. Carl is behind the wheel.

At the Hilltop, Sasha and Maggie are awoken by loud music. They look outside the window to see fires set in the yard, the gate is open, walkers are pouring in. Sasha tells Maggie to stay, then goes outside to fight them. Jesus soon joins her. Maggie gets on the roof and barks orders to the colonists. Get the gate closed immediately. She gets into a tractor and starts running over the walkers. Gregory observes from his bedroom, but doesn't lift a finger to help.

Enid and Carl are on the road to the Hilltop. Carl doesn't regret seeing Glenn and Abraham murdered. Their deaths have filled him with vengeance. In Gregory's mansion, Jesus pleads that Sasha and Maggie should be allowed to stay. They couldn't have held off the walkers without their help. Gregory couldn't care less. The gates open again and the Saviors start streaming in. Gregory tells Jesus to hide them in the hallway closet.

Carl tells Enid to stop. He takes out roller skates from his bag. They hold hands as they skate down the road. The Saviors come to the mansion. Negan's henchman asks him if he knows that the previous Saviors who came there were killed. Gregory feigns ignorance. He swears loyalty to their arrangement. The Saviors believe him; have come for half of their supplies. The henchman asks if there's anything else. Gregory leads them to the closet. He opens it up to find it empty, except for his supply of liquor. The Saviors gloat as they take it all. Jesus looks at Gregory with a smirk. The Saviors force Gregory to kneel before them.

Enid and Carl have arrived at the Hilltop. They hide in the woods as the Saviors pack up their trucks. The teens kiss for the first time. Enid asks Carl if he will stay with her. Carl says no, he wasn't looking for her on the road. He's going after the Saviors.

Jesus knew that Gregory would betray them. He takes Gregory to the bedroom closet where Maggie and Sasha are hiding. Jesus issues an ultimatum. The women are staying. Gregory asks him if he wants to lead. Jesus says no, but he has another idea of who can. Maggie punches Gregory in the face. She then takes Glenn's watch out of his pocket. Gregory will remember her name, and use it with respect, Maggie Rhee. She has taken Glenn's last name.

Maggie goes to Glenn's grave and is shocked to see Enid. She doesn't tell Maggie that Carl was there. Sasha asks Jesus to follow the Saviors trucks. She wants to know where the Sanctuary is, but doesn't want Maggie to know. The women all gather for a dinner of soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Maggie gives Enid Glenn's watch. They all hold hands and pray. As the Saviors trucks drive away, Jesus jumps in the back of the last one. He's startled to find Carl there hiding.

It's pretty obvious that Maggie will usurp Gregory as leader of the Hilltop. It'll be interesting to see how he handles that. Carl and Jesus are on their way to the Sanctuary. We still don't know where Michonne went, but she is probably searching for it as well. Go Getters didn't really make much sense. It continues The Walking Dead's narrative of characters behaving illogically. The show is leading to an eventual climax where the Hilltop and Alexandria face the Sanctuary. Negan's grip on power is tenuous. Carl and Jesus are sure to meet Dwight in their efforts to find Daryl. The whole thing seems pedantic, but this show has certainly been unpredictable before. The next new episode airs next Sunday, only on AMC.

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