Following last night's episode of The Walking Dead, AMC released two new sneak peeks at this week's all-new episode, Service, airing Sunday, November 13 at 9 PM ET on AMC. This video shows that the nefarious Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) has come to Alexandria, with Rick (Andrew Lincoln) explaining to his group that he's no longer in charge. Negan is. We also see that another member of Rick's group, Eugene (Josh McDermitt), has regressed to his cowardly ways.

The first video from AMC shows Rosita (Christian Serratos) and Spencer (Austin Monroe) leaving Alexandria to find items for Negan and his crew. They ask Eugene to open the gate for them. Spencer wonders if Eugene wants to help them on their latest mission. Eugene declines their offer, and Rosita is not quite surprised that Eugene has become a coward again, after making much progress last season. Then again, everyone is terrified of Negan, so it certainly isn't unwarranted.

During the Walking Dead Season 7 premiere, Negan made it clear that Rick and his group now all work for him, and that half of their stuff belongs is his. We can see in the second video that Negan and many of his Saviors have come for their first collection. If that wasn't enough, we also video of last night's most talked-about scene, that revealed some interesting back story about Negan, Dwight (Austin Amelio) and Dwight's ex-wife Sherry (Christine Evangelista), who is now Negan's current wife.

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Last season, we met Dwight, Sherry and Sherry's sister Tina (Liz E. Morgan) in the woods, as they were trying to escape from Negan and the Saviors, where they came across Daryl. After stealing his crossbow and motorcycle, we saw Dwight again, but not Sherry and Tina. We learned in this most-talked-about scene that Negan was supposed to marry Tina, but she ended up dying, and Sherry said she would marry Negan if he spared Dwight's life. Dwight's life was spared, but Negan took an iron to his face as punishment for his escape attempt.

We also have new photos from both next week's episode Service and last night's episode The Cell, which you can check out below. After the brutal season premiere, where both Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) were killed, we haven't lost any more beloved characters quite yet, but that certainly may change in future episodes. Take a look at these videos and images below and stay tuned for more on The Walking Dead Season 7.

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