The Walking Dead finally brings the big bad wolf to Alexandria. Service was ninety-minutes of emasculation by Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and the Saviors. They looted, threatened, and put the new world order on stark display. Rick (Andrew Lincoln) was the beaten dog at Negan's boots. The episode ends with a momentous reveal to Michonne (Danai Gurira). Our hero has truly been whipped into submission.

Service opens with Rick and Michonne in bed. Judith, in her crib, has grown noticeably. Michonne takes a rifle hidden in the fireplace and leaves. Rosita (Christian Serratos) and Spencer (Austin Nichols) are at the gate, where Eugene (Josh McDermitt) is fixing a radio. They are about to go on a supply run when trucks pull up to the gate. The silhouette of Negan and his barbed wire bat, Lucille, start knocking ominously. Negan and the Saviors are early.

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Negan gives Rick Lucille to hold while his men pour into Alexandria. Rick says they have divided half of their supplies. Negan tells him he decides what to take. They will search every house. Daryl (Norman Reedus) is with them. Negan refuses to let Rick speak to the help. Dwight (Austin Amelio) approaches Rosita and Spencer. He takes their weapons, water, and Rosita's hat. He tells them to bring back Daryl's motorcycle.

Michonne is outside Alexandria perched on an old car. She takes the rifle and shoots into the bushes, behind a walker. Then slices the walker's brain in half like a melon. She has shot a deer. In Alexandria, Negan asks for Maggie (Lauren Cohan). Rick is repulsed, but Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) springs into action. He takes Negan to the graveyard, where he says Maggie is buried. Negan believes him. Gunshots echo in the distance.

Carl (Chandler Riggs) is in the infirmary with his gun on the Saviors. He refuses to let them take all of their medicine. Negan menacingly warns Carl that their will be a penalty unless he hands over the gun. Rick's pleas work and Carl relinquishes. Negan observes that they are too well armed. He wants all of their weapons.

Rick takes Negan to the armory. Olivia has a log with all of their supplies and guns. Negan derisively informs Rick that he won't take any of their meager food stock. He expects a 'thank you' from Rick, who doesn't have the gumption to say it. Trouble strikes when Olivia's log reveals two guns are missing. Negan takes her, says he will make her an example if those guns aren't found.

Rick has gathered everyone in the church. He begs them to turn over the guns. Negan is now in charge. They will be killed if they aren't found. Eugene points out that not everyone is present. They go outside to find Savior's harassing Enid (Katelyn Nacon). They let her keep her balloons.

Outside of town, on the railroad tracks, Rosita and Spencer have found Daryl's bike. As Spencer prattles on about Rick's leadership, Rosita goes into the woods. She finds the walkers that were previously Saviors. She kills them and recovers a gun. Spencer asks why, she knows the Saviors are taking all of their weapons.

Rick searches Spencer's house. Negan has Olivia with him. Rick finds a grill in the floor. In it he recovers the guns, liquor, and food. He takes the missing guns to Negan. Olivia will survive the day. As the Saviors pack up to leave, Rick sees Michonne outside the wall. He begs Negan for some time. Rick tells Michonne that she must give up the rifle. They cannot hide anything. He won't be responsible for another murder.

Rosita and Spencer come back with Daryl's bike. Dwight tells Daryl it could still be his. Dwight gives Rosita back her hat. Rick asks Negan if Daryl can stay. Negan asks Daryl what his name is. Daryl refuses to speak and gets into the truck. Negan forces Rick to say thank you. Then, like a true poet, tells Rick, "I just slid my d*ck down your throat and you said thank you". The Saviors ride away. Rick watches Daryl leave.

At the gate, Rick tells Spencer about the guns. He chastises him bitterly about the food. Spencer foolishly brings up Abraham and Glenn. He cowers back down; knowing he has crossed the line. At their house, Rick and Michonne prepare to sleep on the floor. The Saviors have taken their beds. Michonne says they must find a way to fight. Rick then tells her about Shane, how he is really Judith's father. They must learn to accept this fate. Rosita knocks on Eugene's door. She shows him the gun, and then asks him to make her a bullet.

Negan's visit to Alexandria was a sobering one. He is their undisputed master. Rick doesn't know about Dwight's situation at the Sanctuary. There's an insurrection growing with Daryl as the best accomplice. Next week we'll see what happens to Maggie and Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) at the Hilltop colony as The Walking Dead continues on AMC. It doesn't look like the Saviors are going to be gentle.

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