The Walking Dead has dragged out the Kingdom's inevitable conflict with the Saviors all season. Bury Me Here finally brings the endgame into focus. It also marks a significant turnabout for Morgan (Lennie James) and Carol (Melissa McBride). Two of the toughest characters are back in play. It always takes tragedy to stir the pot and tonight was no different. The innocent are purely fodder for this show.

Bury Me Here begins with King Ezekiel (Khary Payton) closing a truck door on a single crate with a melon in it. Carol wakes up from a nightmare. She grabs her gear and makes her way to the Kingdom. The gate guard's marvel as Carol clears every walker by herself. Benjamin (Logan Miller) asks her how she does it. He tells her they have another drop later in the day. Carol simply walks around him.

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Morgan teaches Henry, Benjamin's brother how to use the staff. Carol finds him and asks what really happened in Alexandria. Morgan tells her that's between her and Daryl. She found her peace and must now live with it. Carol leaves the Kingdom. On her way home, she notices a walker she injured has now been killed. As she walks away, Richard (Karl Mackinen) is seen hiding. He holds a backpack that says "Katy".

At the Kingdom, Ezekiel is informed that weevils have destroyed some crops. They must be burnt or the entire field may be infected. No matter, they gather what is needed for the Saviors drop. Down the road, an obstacle of shopping carts blocks their way. The Kingdom crew gets out to investigate. The carts point to a pre-dug grave with a sign, "Bury Me Here". Confused, everyone gets back into the convoy for the drop.

They meet the Saviors in the normal parking lot. The lead Savior opens their truck to find a melon is missing. Ezekiel cries foul. They were full when he left the Kingdom. An example must be made, the Saviors demand their guns. Richard steps forward and puts himself in front of an aggressive Savior. Take him out as punishment. But instead of shooting Richard, the Savior shoots Benjamin in the leg.

The Kingdom group races the injured Benjamin to Carol's house. They'll never make it back to the Kingdom in time. It's too late, young Benjamin dies on Carol's kitchen table. Morgan is utterly distraught. When they get back, he watches as Ezekiel comforts his little brother. Morgan replays the incident in his head. He realizes that Richard was the one that sabotaged the drop.

Morgan confronts Richard in his room. Richard admits his guilt. He thought the Saviors were going to kill him because of his past intransigence. He had blocked the road and dug the grave. Richard tells Morgan how he lost his wife and daughter. He chastises Morgan for doing nothing. His plan, to complete the drop the next day, but use Benjamin's death to convince Ezekiel to join Rick.

We finally come back to the opening scene with the one melon. The Kingdom meets the Saviors again in the parking lot. The lead Savior seems upset when he learns Benjamin has died. He makes the punk who shot him walk back to the Sanctuary. As Richard gives them the melon, Morgan attacks him with Benjamin's staff. Both sides are stunned as Morgan chokes Richard to death with his bare hands. He stands up and explains that Richard had sabotaged the previous drop. He was responsible for Ben's death. Morgan addresses the lead Savior. He tells him that he understands how things are. The next drop will be issue free. Morgan tells the others to leave.

Morgan drags Richard's body to his grave. He buries him with his daughter's backpack. The insanity that plagued him before comes back. Morgan goes on a killing spree and kills every walker in the area. He knocks on Carol's door. Covered in blood, Morgan tells Carol the truth. Negan killed Glenn and Abraham. Spencer and Olivia have also been murdered. The Saviors own Alexandria as well. Rick wants to organize a resistance. Carol breaks down in tears.

Carol walks back to the Kingdom in full gear. She finds Ezekiel gardening with Benjamin's little brother. She tells him that the Kingdom must fight the Saviors. Ezekiel agrees, but says that fight is not today. He goes back to the garden. Carol joins him. Meanwhile on Carol's porch, Morgan is sharpening his bow into a spear.

Richard got what was coming to him. Benjamin was a dead man walking from his introduction. The death of these two characters was just the impetus to bring Carol and Morgan back into the mix. This whole avoiding conflict nonsense should be obvious, especially to these characters. Now they are ready to fight, but the Kingdom hasn't rallied behind them yet. Next week on AMC, we embark on Sasha and Rosita's mission to kill Negan. I have a feeling they won't be successful.

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