Who says you can't have romance and sex in the apocalypse? The Walking Dead has a Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne (Danai Gurira) love-fest in Say Yes. The pair are certainly a dynamic duo. They manage to get some quality time in while recovering an arsenal of weapons and food. We also get a substantial reveal from Tara (Alana Masterson) about the Oceanside settlement. Rosita (Christian Serratos) and Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) settle their differences. They're taking the fight directly to Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

Say Yes begins with a montage of Rick and Michonne scavenging. They go from scene to scene fighting walkers and recovering scraps. They also get pretty hot and heavy in the back of their van. They take some supplies from a pair of Saviors playing golf. As they drive away, Rick says they should stay out for another day, maybe there's something else out there.

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Michonne makes coffee in the woods while Rick gets a nap in. She sees a deer. She gets her silenced pistol, wakes Rick up, they both head out tolook for it. They come to a fence covered in sheets. A walker that was a soldier is quickly dispatched. He's wearing a high powered rifle. They jump the fence, then climb a roof to get a better view of their situation. They are at a school adjacent to a broken down carnival. The carnival has dozens of military walkers, all still wearing their guns. They laugh at their good fortune as the roof caves in below them.

They are unharmed, but have hit the mother load. Inside the school are palettes of food supplies and military rations. They break out candles and have date night. Rick and Michonne chow down on the rations before another roll in the hay. It's sex and macaroni, always a winning combination.

The next day they hatch a plan to take out the walkers. Rick commanders a car, after tearing a walker in half. He pushes it through a hole in the fence. Michonne jumps in the trunk. They get out on the roof as walkers surround them. They jump to the other side of the fence and get to work. The walkers are cut down easily. The pair decides to split up and separate the herd.

Rick runs toward the Ferris wheel. He finds a hooked pole. The walkers flock to him and are spiked with ease. Across the field, Michonne does the same with her samurai sword. Rick sees the deer. He climbs the wheel to take a shot, but ends up falling down. Michonne races to his rescue.

Meanwhile in Alexandria, Rosita has taken the stitches out of her face. She refuses Tara's help. She spends a day scavenging for weapons, but finds nothing. That night she goes to Father Gabriel's (Seth Gilliam) church bitter and angry. She blames him for saving her life and the events that followed, especially the deaths of Olivia and Spencer. Gabriel regrets nothing. They need her, what happened was tragic, but only the Saviors fault.

Michonne looks on in disbelief as the walkers seemingly devour Rick. She breaks down, drops her sword, and is about to let them overtake her. Rick crawls out of a cabinet. The walkers were eating the deer. He whacks a few down before throwing Michonne her sword. The power couple does what they do best and clears the herd.

Rick and Michonne go through the bodies. They collect all the weapons and ammo. Rick watches as Michonne breaks down crying. On their way back to Alexandria with a van loaded with supplies, Michonne admits that she cannot live without Rick. He tells her that if that day comes, she must go on, as he will. They are fighting for the future of Judith and Maggie's baby. Rick thanks her for waking him up. Their love is real, but the fight ahead is most important.

Rick and the Alexandrians return to Jadis and the junkyard settlement. He is stunned that she wants more guns. Yes, they found many, but not enough to arm her people for the war with the Saviors. Rick takes many of them back. They still don't have enough to fight. Tara looks on with unease.

In Alexandria, Tara is babysitting Judith. She knows she can no longer keep her secret. She goes outside to meet Rick. He tells her that Rosita has disappeared. Tara tells Rick the truth about the Oceanside settlement. They have all the weapons needed to take on the Saviors. Sasha is at Abraham's grave in the Hilltop colony. Rosita gives her a high-powered rifle that Rick found. She wants to take down Negan at the Sanctuary. Rosita and Sasha bury the hatchet. They affirm this is a one way trip. They won't be taken alive.

Normally I would chalk "Say Yes" to a filler episode, but it was good to see Rick and Michonne being a couple. In the midst of the carnage, they are the pillars of the group. We finally have Rick at a point of embracing leadership. It took a while, but the top dog truly has his bark back. Next week on AMC, Carol (Melissa McBride) gets back in the game at the Kingdom.

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