Shortly after last night's episode of The Walking Dead aired, AMC treated fans to two new sneak peeks at next week's episode, Hostiles and Calamaties, airing Sunday, February 26 at 9 PM ET on AMC. This episode will bring fans back to the home of The Saviors known as The Sanctuary, which we haven't seen since the mid-season finale. This episode will get fans caught up with what's happening at The Sanctuary, exploring the aftermath of Daryl's (Norman Reedus) surprising escape, with new footage hinting that it might not have been Dwight (Austin Amelio) who sprung him from captivity.

The clip, which debuted on AMC's YouTube, shows a number of Saviors huddled around the dead body of Fat Joey (Joshua Hoover), who Daryl killed in order to make his escape from The Sanctuary. Daryl's surprising escape was aided by the help of a mystery person, who slid a note under Daryl's cell door with a key, one match and a note reading "Go now." The key was too his motorcycle, which he used to escape from the sanctuary. Many fans had assumed that Dwight was the person who slid this note under the door, but judging from his reaction to Daryl's escape, that seems unlikely.

The clip shows Dwight rushing over to find Fat Joey's body, before he rushes to Daryl's cell only to find him gone. He is clearly disturbed and angered by this turn of events, which likely means it wasn't him that slipped Daryl the key, match and note. It's possible we'll find out who Daryl's accomplice was in Hostiles and Calamaties, with one possible suspect being Sherry (Christine Evangelista), Dwight's ex-wife and Negan's (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), who clearly doesn't like being part of Negan's harem of young wives. We've also seen Sherry smoking cigarettes in past episodes, which could explain the match in the note.

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The preview that AMC also debuted shows us Eugene (Josh McDermitt) arriving at the Sanctuary. He unwillingly begins to work for Negan. During the mid-season finale in December, Negan took Eugene with him, after Rosita's (Christian Serratos) assassination attempt didn't work, with Negan wanting to take whoever made that bullet and come work for him. We don't see much of Eugene in action at the Sanctuary, but he's clearly frightened to be there. The brief synopsis for this episode also reveals that "Dwight pays a visit to a place from his past," which we may get a glimpse of in this brief trailer.

The preview shows Dwight arriving at a yellow house, which could be this mysterious place from his past, while he's also seen tearing the place apart in a fit of rage. It's possible this is where he and his then-wife Sherry were living before he got involved with The Saviors, but that hasn't been confirmed. The preview ends with Negan telling Dwight that "we'll find him," which likely means that Negan suspects Dwight of helping Daryl escape. If that wasn't enough, we also have the most talked about scene from last night's episode, where Rick Grimes had to face a zombie that was sporting some crude armor with spikes coming out of his body, along with two photos from Hostiles and Calamaties and eight photos from last night's New Best Friends. Take a look at these new videos and photos from The Walking Dead below.

Hostiles and Calamities photo 1
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Hostiles and Calamities photo 6
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