While fans try to solve the mystery of who Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) killed at the end of The Walking Dead Season 6, there are a few characters we can definitely cross of the list. Melissa McBride's Carol and Lennie James' Morgan weren't with Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and his group when they were ambushed by Negan, and it has been teased that Morgan will arrive at The Kingdom at some point this season. Melissa McBride says in a new interview that there will definitely be some big changes in store for Carol, while hinting at the possibility of romance as well.

For those who have been following The Walking Dead from the beginning, there is a large cross-section of fans who have been hoping that Carol will finally become romantically involved with Norman Reedus' Daryl. While we don't know for sure if that will happen, ComicBook.com recently spoke with Melissa McBride, who explained that there will be some big changes in store for Carol. Here's what she had to say below, offering insight into how Carol has to heal and "get her mind right" before she can consider a romantic relationship. Something that was breifly contemplated when she shared a kiss with Tobin, played by Jason Douglas, before she abandoned Alexandria in Season 6.

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"This is a different season. She's definitely got some healing to do in her mind and where she wants to be on this earth, or she wants to stick around or what. As the world is expanding, it's still closing in at the same time in a very weird way, but who knows. I think she's just got to get her mind right before she can even entertain any sort of relationship. I think it's just difficult for her to have a relationship of any kind. Where we left off, if you care for somebody, you're going to have to kill for them, and again, she's just not sure she's in that place."

In the Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead, Carol was nearly killed by a Savior, before Morgan broke his no-killing rule to save her. Shortly after Carol was saved, we saw two unnamed characters wearing what looked like primitive armor, approach both Carol and Morgan. Fans of the comic books will recognize these characters as part of The Kingdom, which is where many believe these characters are taking Morgan and Carol.

The Comic-Con trailer gave fans the first look at The Kingdom's leader, Ezekiel (Khary Payton, and his pet tiger Shiva. The new season will pick up directly where the finale left off, revealing once and for all who was killed by Negan, and it's possible we could get our first look at The Kingdom in the premiere as well. As for the potential Carol and Daryl relationship, we'll have to wait and see if both characters can make it back to each other in one piece, when The Walking Dead Season 7 begins.