With just three episodes left in the first half of The Walking Dead Season 7, the midseason finale is rapidly approaching. Aside from the brutal season premiere, where fan-favorite characters Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun) and Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz) were killed, we haven't lost any other fan-favorite members, yet, but it's possible that may change soon. A new report reveals that star Chandler Riggs, who is one of the few actors to have appeared in all seven seasons, may be parting ways with the show.

MoviePilot came across a number of social media posts from both Chandler Riggs and his father, which hint that the actor may be leaving the show, one way or another, to pursue a college degree. First off, the actor tweeted earlier this month that he got accepted to Auburn University. The school is located approximately an hour and a half away from Atlanta, where The Walking Dead is filmed, so it's possible that the actor may be continuing on the show and commuting back and forth from the university. However, the site noticed another social media post from the actor's father, William Riggs where it seems to reveal that his son has completed his seven-year contract with the series, which may hint that he's leaving the show. Here's the original social media post below.

"7 year contract completed! Grateful to AMC, Cast & Crew, TWD fan base and especially Chandler for always being 100% dedicated. Whether it was getting up at 4AM, working in the freezing cold past 2AM, leaving his friends and carefree kiddom behind, scrambling to make up missed schoolwork, he has done it without complaint and always made me proud & amazed to be his dad!"

The above post was later deleted and replace with a more succinct post that also begins with "7 year contract completed," while expressing his gratitude to AMC and the fans for making the "little zombie show a big deal." The report also reveals that a number of current Walking Dead cast members are currently re-negotiating their contracts, with Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus signing on for Season 8, which has already been officially picked up by AMC. It hasn't been confirmed if Chandler Riggs is re-negotiating his contract, but an Instagram post from William Riggs seems to hint that his son is in fact done with The Walking Dead.

"Completed 7 years on TWD! #freedom #thewalkingdead."

AMC hasn't confirmed whether or not Chandler Riggs' Carl will be killed off on the series or not, but it's worth noting that he is still alive in the comic books, created by Robert Kirkman. Then again, there have been a number of major changes from the comics to the TV show, such as Andrea (Laurie Holden), who is still alive in the comics but was killed in the Season 3 finale of the TV series. Chandler Riggs' Carl is in the midst of a major arc from the comics, but that may change on the show. Take a look at these social media posts below, as we wait for more on The Walking Dead.

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Completed 7 years on TWD! #freedom #thewalkingdead

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