If you watched last night's big premiere for The Walking Dead Season 7, you already know the outcome of the Season 6 cliffhanger. That said, if you haven't gotten around to watching this episode just yet, turn away now. As you can guess from the headline, there will be spoilers throughout the rest of the story.

Now that we have that warning out the way, let's get down to the most grizzly scene ever shot for basic cable. In the episode titled The Day Will Come When You Won't Be, we learned that Abraham Ford was the doomed person who received Negan's deathblow. But he wasn't he only one to meet their demise in this gore-packed episode. Glenn, who was the original victim in the comic books upon which the AMC series is based, also caught a taste of Lucille in what was one of the most gruesome scenes of all time, for both the series and any TV show in history. But as a new video teases, it may not have been Abraham's time to go if producers had made a quick decision to the left.

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While Glenn was always meant to die in The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere, the opening kill shot for last night's episode was long debated and not quite clear for a while. And as reported earlier in the year, death scenes for all 11 of Negan's possible victim's were shot. Today, we have a leaked video that shows one of those alternate kills. And it's just as gut-wrenching as you might think.

Yes, Negan brings his bat down upon the head of the pregnant Maggie, but she still takes it like a champ, spitting blood at her killer before she falls face first, getting her brains obliterated. This also causes Glenn to scream out, ultimately leading to his death, which we actually get to see in the episode. During last night's show, there is a scene involving Rick, where he is taunted by Negan. And he imagines the rest of his extended family meeting their death, which puts those alternate death scenes to good use.

Many suspected Lauren Cohan might be Negan's victim last night, as the actress was suspiciously away from the set early on in the filming of this new season. Many continue to speculated that she won't be long for this world following the death of her husband Glenn. She's sick, she has a baby on the way, and life is not going to be easy for her moving forward. She might buy it before episode three has a chance to play itself out. Which would mean another devastating loss for Rick and his crew.

Next week's all-new episode of The Walking Dead looks to be a standalone episode that won't feature any of the players from last night's hard to watch episode. It will instead follow Carol and Morgan as they are introduced to King Ezekiel, his tiger Shiva and the sanctuary known as The Kingdom. If you want to know what it might have been like had Maggie taken the kill shot, this alternate death video gives you that answer thanks to ComicBooKMovie.com.