The Walking Dead has key reconciliations and a betrayal in The Other Side. The episode begins with a montage of activities at the Hilltop. Maggie (Lauren Cohan), Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green), and Enid (Katelyn Nacon) are training the colonists to fight. Gregory (Xander Berkeley) looks on in disgust as Maggie usurps his authority. Maggie makes dinner, but Daryl (Norman Reedus) can't look her in the eye. Sasha tends tearfully to Abraham's grave. The front gates open, Rosita (Christian Serratos) has arrived.

We've previously seen that Rosita and Sasha had decided to take out Negan. We finally learn what happened right before. Sasha goes into Jesus' trailer to take bullets for Rosita's rifle. Jesus and Enid walk in. She confesses to her plan. Jesus gives her a map of the Sanctuary compound. He begs her to wait, but Rosita will go anyway. Sasha tells Enid that she must protect Maggie at all costs. That she is the future of the Hilltop. As they hug it out, the Saviors arrive unexpectedly.

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Maggie and Daryl hide in the food cellar. Sasha grabs her gear, gets Rosita, and they escape outside through a secret tunnel. Gregory comes out to meet Richard and the Saviors. They have come to collect someone. At first Gregory thinks they know of Daryl and Maggie, but it's not them he wants. Richard has come for Dr. Carson. Last week, Negan killed the doctor at the Sanctuary, after Dwight framed him.

On the road, Sasha and Rosita look for a working car. Sasha believes they need to wait outside the Sanctuary, find a high point, and kill Negan from afar. Maybe they can survive this. Rosita wants to go in and make sure he dies. She sees Sasha wearing the necklace she made for Abraham.

At the Hilltop, Enid tries to prevent a Savior from going inside the cellar. He knocks her down and demands her knife. Maggie and Daryl watch as he pillages the food. Daryl is about to kill him, but Maggie holds him back. When he leaves, Daryl breaks down in front of Maggie. He blames himself for getting Glenn killed. Maggie embraces him. Glenn was his loyal friend. It's not his fault. They need him to win the war against Negan.

Sasha and Rosita find a working car in a fenced lot. They set a fire to distract the walkers then drive away. They hole up in a warehouse near the entrance to the Sanctuary. Sasha is stunned to see Eugene (Josh McDermitt) barking orders. Rosita comments he's just playing a ruse.

Rosita is tying knots in a rope. Sasha asks her how she learned all of these skills. Rosita tells of all the men she was with. How she learned a skill and moved on, until she met Abraham. She admits that Abraham was happy with Sasha in Alexandria. It wasn't his time to die. Sasha admits she was happy with him too. The pair breaks down into tears.

At the Hilltop, the Saviors take Dr. Carson and load him into a truck. Gregory has one last request for Richard. If things go south against him at the Hilltop, can he come to the Saviors for help. Richard writes down the location of the Sanctuary. The Saviors leave with the doctor.

Sasha and Rosita hear the convoy coming back. They are shocked to see that Dr. Carson is with them. Negan appears to welcome him. Sasha draws a bead, but cannot get a clear shot. They listen as Eugene barks orders. Negan will be with his wives tonight. Later on at the fence, they approach Eugene and a guard. Rosita kills the guard. She calls for Eugene to escape as she cuts the fence. He doesn't want to leave. Eugene begs them to go, then runs back inside. Rosita can't believe it. Sasha enters the fence, then uses a bicycle lock to shut it behind her. She tells Rosita that their friends need her. It's not her time to die. Sasha kills another guard then runs into the compound.

At the Hilltop, Gregory is giving assignments to the new colonists. He wants Maggie separated from the others. Jesus objects to this, but then Gregory drops a veiled threat. As Jesus is about confront him, Daryl comes in. Where is Sasha? Back outside the Sanctuary, Rosita is running away. She stops by the warehouse and breaks down in tears. A figure approaches her, its Daryl with his crossbow.

The Other Side was a richly emotional episode. In the midst of all this conflict, it was great to see the characters reconnect and talk about their losses. A few interesting tidbits were dropped; one was that Jesus is gay. His sexuality has never been discussed before, so it must be important to bring it up now. Sonequa Martin-Green is the lead in the new Star Trek TV series. It's highly unlikely her character will survive. Then you have Eugene choosing to stay with the Saviors. It's building up to an explosive final two episodes on AMC.

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