The Walking Dead seemed like a show that would never end. While the universe will continue on, the central series that began it all will be coming to a close at the climax of season 11. The new trailer from San Diego Comic-Con previews what fans can expect from these final episodes. A teaser for the Comic-Con trailer had been released prior, but now we have a full 3-minute The Walking Dead trailer to savor and dive into.

In season 10, we saw Daryl (Norman Reedus), Carol (Melissa McBride), Ezekiel (Khary Payton), and the rest of the gang dealing with the Whisperers, a villainous group who disguised themselves as walkers to become stealthier. The finale featured the Whisperers' defeat and the return of Maggie (Lauren Cohan) to the series. After the main finale, AMC released six bonus episodes, however, these episodes mainly served as teasers for what we can expect for The Walking Dead final season.

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In the bonus episodes, we were introduced to the Reapers, who are shown off in this trailer as a masked group of killers. Maggie has dealt with them before and they could be the most dangerous group of foes yet. Another important storyline will be the introduction of the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth was teased in season 10 when a small faction of the main team was captured by an army of white-armor wearing mercenaries.

In addition, we will also see many relationships between characters develop. Specifically, the trailer highlighted the inevitable conflict between Negan and Maggie. Maggie has been seeking revenge against Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) for awhile, so we'll see if she gets that for herself or allows the now mostly redeemed Negan to live. There will be more of Daryl and Carol's complicated friendship, which has been a staple of this show for a while and is getting its own spinoff.

For those Walking Dead fans who don't want to leave this zombie-ridden world, don't worry, AMC has you covered. Fear the Walking Dead is entering its 7th season and also debuted a first look at Comic Con. The Walking Dead: World Beyond, which debuted last year, will also be returning for a second and final season.

There are new shows coming as well, including an untitled Daryl and Carol spin-off series. This means that these two fan-favorite characters will probably survive the season finale, which is impressive, considering their comic book counterparts. In the comics, Carol dies during the prison days, while Daryl doesn't exist at all. However, the work that has been done with their characters in the series has made fans love them and pray for their survival.

Tales of the Walking Dead is also in the works. This is an upcoming anthology series which will bring many new characters and stories into this universe. The Walking Dead franchise will also begin its journey to the big screen with upcoming films featuring Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln). Last time we saw Rick, he was on the brink of death, being flown via helicopter to an unknown location.

The Walking Dead has had its ups and downs but it's easily one of the most impactful shows of the 21st century. AMC is doing as much as they can to keep this universe alive, but it will be bittersweet to see the main series take its final bow.