Most fans of The Walking Dead are still reeling from what may have been the most shocking and brutal episode in the show's history. It should be said that if you haven't watched the latest episode of Walking Dead, this article will contain major spoilers. The season 7 premiere finally revealed Negan's victims who met the wrong end of Negan's bat Lucille. It was one of the biggest cliffhangers in recent TV history, but was it being teased all along?

Recently, took a closer look at the opening credits for The Walking Dead and it seems like Glenn and Abraham's deaths were being teased long before we knew their fate. Abraham's may have been the most on the nose, assuming these were actually Easter eggs that pointed toward Negan's victims. During the opening title sequence, Michael Cudlitz, the actor who plays Abraham, has his title card shown over a wooden cross with some shoes strewn across it. There is a lot of cryptic imagery in the opening credits, but that is one that is definitely knocking on death's door.

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As for Glenn, his death had a couple of potential teases in the credits for The Walking Dead. One came in the form of a burning picture in the opening credits. The image appears during Lauren Cohan's title card. She is the actress that plays Glen's now pregnant wife Maggie. This is the photograph that Maggie asked Glenn to burn of her, saying he would never need a photo again, because they would always find one another. And what were Glenn's last words to Maggie? That he would find her.

The other one, and perhaps the more obvious one, relating to Glenn had to do with his title card in the opening credits. During Steven Yeun's title card, there is an image of a ticking clock (most recently a pocket watch). This is less vague and would seem to point to the idea that the clock was ticking on his life and now his time is up, because Negan killed him in what some have argued was a bit too graphic and violent a way. On the other hand, it has also been praised for staying very close to the source material from The Walking Dead comics. Also, that watch was given to Glenn by Maggie's father as a reminder of her. So perhaps it had nothing to do with death at all?

These may seem like clues that point toward character fates on the show, but on the other hand, it could just be random, cryptic stuff that we can attach meaning to in hindsight. At one point, Lauren Cohan had a tombstone in her title card, but she is still alive. So what did that mean? There are definitely some Easter eggs in the credits, though. Recently, The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman's Skybound Entertainment company's website published a gif that showed the series logo decaying, like the walkers, over the course of the seven seasons.

There is still a lot to come The Walking Dead Season 7. Surely Glenn and Abraham won't be the only victims to meet their fate at the hands of Negan and this week, King Ezekiel (and his tiger) will make his debut. Be sure to tune in Sunday night for the latest episode of The Walking Dead on AMC and take a closer look at the title cards for yourself below.

Abraham Walking Dead Credits Card
Glenn Walking Dead Credits Card
Maggie Walking Dead Credits Card