AMC's The Walking Dead Season 8 premiere is just around the corner and that means more walkers, more bloodshed and more Negan. Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been, in more ways than one, killing it as Negan ever since his debut in The Walking Dead season 6. It looks like we're going to have plenty more of him to look forward to in the coming seasons and, if he has his way, we're going to see an entire episode dedicated to Negan's origins. Here's what Morgan had to say about it while speaking with Entertainment Weekly.

"I have to be careful because the writers have so much fun with Negan and his dialogue that I have to be very careful in kind of tampering that dialogue in places to keep it open to other interpretations, because everybody wants him to be this big bad but I just can't play him like that. I refuse to, and there's more to him than that. This year Gimple and I are on a mission to find him in there. And you know, I always am hoping that, at some point, we do a backstory episode for Negan, because it's an amazing story. I don't know that that's going to happen this year, but we are going to see enough of him and he talks quite a bit, as you know. So he's going to reveal some of himself to the audience this year, which is going to be awesome. It's going to be fascinating. [pauses] Of course, he's still going to be a big f***ing dick!"
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Negan is an incredibly important and memorable character in The Walking Dead comics and is becoming an increasingly important character to the show. After all, he was responsible for the show's biggest, and still most frustrating and divisive, cliffhanger. Assuming Negan survives the events of The Walking Dead Season 8, and there's no guarantee he will, there's definitely room for an episode that explores his backstory. But as Jeffrey Dean Morgan tells it, we're going to get to know Negan a little better this season.

"The most fascinating stuff that I've got to do this year is seeing behind the leather jacket a little bit. And we'll find more. We're finding more all the time, but I think the writers and (showrunner Scott M. Gimple) have, have a plan for Negan, and I'm really liking how it's playing out thus far."

Whether or not those plans that the writers and Scott Gimple have go beyond The Walking Dead season 8 is unclear at the present time. This season is going to adapt that All Out War storyline and that means there are going to be casualties. Probably some very heavy casualties, especially since this season is supposed to be moving through a fast-paced storyline. If Negan isn't one of them, maybe we'll get to see this proposed backstory episode in The Walking Dead season 9. It would certainly make for something a little different and, after 8 seasons, we could use a little different. You can read the full interview with Jeffrey Dean Morgan on EW. The Walking Dead season 8 debuts on October 22 on AMC.