Just a day after The Walking Dead aired its Season 8 mid-season finale, AMC debuted a new trailer for the mid-season premiere, which will air on Sunday, February 25. While there aren't exactly any spoilers in the video below, if you haven't seen the mid-season finale last night, there will be some big spoilers discussed below, including the major death that will have a huge impact on the show from here on out. This is your last chance to avoid spoilers below, so read on at your own risk.

The Walking Dead fans were shocked during last night's episode when fan favorite character Carl Grimes was bitten in the torso and infected by the zombie virus that has plagued Earth since the first season of the show. While, if bitten on a limb, a person could be saved by chopping off that extremity before the virus spreads through the entire body, that isn't possible this time, and while Carl Grimes is technically still alive, his days are most certainly numbered on the show. Showrunner Scott M. Gimple teased that the bite will "play out" as others have played out during the course of the show, and that Carl "has some business to attend to" before he dies, that will be very important.

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While we don't see Carl at all in this trailer, the footage opens with Carl's father Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) putting the finishing touches on what is likely his son's grave. The trailer also features Dwight (Austin Amelio) telling Michonne that the Saviors may have thought that they lost the rest of Rick's group in the woods, but they're still out there looking for everyone. It seems that this back half of the season has been dubbed "The Last Stand," with some action-packed scenes that shows an explosion near the entrance of The Kingdom's throne room, where Rick and King Ezekiel are talking.

The trailer also includes a number of quick shots of Negan bringing his Saviors together, along with Simon (Stephen Ogg), while Daryl is seen telling Rick that both of them working together will be Negan's "worst nightmare." The trailer ends in a fittingly cryptic fashion, with Negan and Rick talking over walkie-talkies, with Negan stating, correctly, that Rick, "started this course," asking who will be next, meaning who will be the next to die. Rick defiantly answers, 'You are,' as the footage comes to a close, which sets up an intriguing back half of the season, based on the All Out War comics volume.

Many had presumed that the next major death on the show will be Father Gabriel Stokes (Seth Gilliam), since once cryptic scene from the show featured a character who had died in a similar way to Stokes' death from the comics, although his death happens much later, during the conflict with The Whisperers. The show is known for wildly diverging from the comics, especially with this latest death, since Carl Grimes is still alive in the comics, Many fans though Carl might have been killed off at the end of Season 7, since the actor took to social media celebrating his seven-year contract was up, and the young actor had just gotten accepted into Auburn University. It seems his death wasn't too far off of those initial projections. Take a look at the Season 8 mid-season premiere trailer for The Walking Dead, courtesy of AMC YouTube.