The Walking Dead showrunner Scott M. Gimple revealed in an interview over the weekend that Season 8 will start production this week, with cameras rolling on Monday for this highly-anticipated season. While these new episodes will certainly feature more than their fair share of death, as is often the case in any of of the hit zombie series, one the show's stars was faced with some real life danger on social media. Actor Josh McDermitt, who plays Eugene Porter on the show, recently deactivated all of his social media accounts following some death threats, which he revealed on his final Facebook Live stream.

The Twitter account TWD_HQ captured part of Josh McDermitt's last Facebook Live video, where he revealed that he is "getting sick" of these threats made against his life, presumably on social media. While he didn't go into any exacting detail about these threats, or how many he has received, they were apparently significant enough for him to delete his social media accounts. Here's what he had to say in a portion of his final Facebook Live stream.

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"Oh, death threats? Don't send me death threats, 'cause I'm gonna report all that s--t to the cops. I'm just sick of it. You can hate Eugene, I don't care. I'll argue that you're wrong, but you can think whatever you want. When you start saying you hope I die? I don't know if you're talking about Josh or Eugene, and I'm gonna report that s--t, so just don't be an a--hole. Stop complaining. Let's just stop complaining about everything on the Internet, ok? Seriously? Go spend time with your friends or family or loved ones, and just get off the Internet. Is there anything else? Other than I love you? I do, I love you guys."

Josh McDermitt's character Eugene didn't have much fan support at the end of Season 7. In the mid-season finale, after Rosita's failed attempt to kill Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), The Saviors leader took Eugene back to The Sanctuary with him, where Eugene became an important part of the Saviors. Towards the end of this season, when Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) and Rosita (Christian Serratos) tried to break him out, he refused, returning to the Sanctuary before Sasha stormed the compound alone, and was ultimately caught.

Showrunner Scott M. Gimple teased in this recent interview that Walking Dead Season 8 will show Rick Grimes doing whatever it takes to kill Negan, as the war begins between The Saviors and Rick's coalition of Alexandria, The Kingdom and the Hilltop Colony. The Walking Dead producers haven't revealed the story at this time, or if Eugene will remain at Negan's side. Although we saw in the Season 7 finale that Negan asked Eugene how Sasha might have died inside the casket. Eugene never mentions the suicide pill that he made for her. It's possible that Negan may find out what Eugene did, which would force him to switch sides once again.