David Morrissey, who played the infamous and in-depth villain of The Walking Dead the Governor, has revealed that he would be interested in coming back to the series if AMC gave the Governor his own spin-off.

When it comes to The Walking Dead, there has arguably not been a villain as in-depth and threatening as The Governor. While Negan, the current antagonist of the series, does pose a threat to the heroes of the series, he is not nearly as beloved (or hated in a good way) by the show's fans as the Governor.

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For many people, myself included, the Governor was the best part of The Walking Dead. A story is only as good as its villain, and fortunately, the Governor was a fantastic villain. However, once the Governor was killed off in the show, many fans of the series began to find the show a bit dull. While the entertainment level certainly picked back up when the heroes reconvened at Alexandria, it was unfortunately never enough for some Walking Dead fans, as the threat and suspense provided by the Governor could never be beaten.

David Morrissey, who played the Governor in the show, revealed in an interview with The Guardian that, even though his character is dead and gone, he would still be willing to return to the series if the opportunity was provided.

"I would love to play the role again, however there are no plans to do it. Not to my knowledge anyway. He was a character that I felt had great depth and complexity. Not just a cardboard baddy. A lot of my inspiration for the role came from the books written by Robert Kirkman and Jay Bonansinga. I think these books are fantastic and I think it would be wonderful to do a mini series of them."

The books Morrissey was referencing was a novel trilogy that went in-depth with the Governor's backstory. This series of novels showed that he was more than just a cold-hearted tyrant, telling the story of how the Governor came to be. It was a tragic story of loss and heartbreak in a crumbling world, almost justifying the cruel intentions of The Governor we saw in the show.

If AMC were to turn this gritty series of novels into a Walking Dead spin-off mini-series, it would actually be worth a watch. If they could make a spin-off series about the origins of the zombies, which they did, they could easily create a mini-series about one of the series' greatest characters. While Morrissey said that AMC doesn't have any current plans to create a Governor-led mini-series, the fact that the star would be interested in returning might be able to draw AMC's interests to the series' potential.

While it is unfortunately not likely that AMC will give the Governor his own mini-series, we can remain hopeful that we will see The Walking Dead's greatest villain return to the small screen again. David Morrissey's interview with The Guardian is certainly a glimmer of hope. While it may not come into fruition, we can at least imagine how good the series could be, giving more insight and attention to one of the show's most in-depth characters.