If you haven't watched last week's episode of The Walking Dead yet, there will be SPOILERS below, so read on at your own risk. At the end of The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere, the nefarious Negan took Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) back to their compound known as The Sanctuary, and in last week's episode, Service, Daryl came along as the Saviors visited Alexandria. This scene showed both Rick and Daryl glancing at each other, but, if one Internet fan theory is true, they may not have just been staring at each other, rather, exchanging a secret message.

An eagle-eyed Reddit user claims that the sequence of blinks used by Daryl Dixon may actually be morse code. When we first see Daryl, he blinks twice fast after making eye contact with Rick. In Morse code, that would signify an I. The scene then cuts to Rick, who seems to subtly nod at Daryl, before Daryl starts another series of blinks. With a fast blink translated into a "dot" and a long blink equating to a "dash," this Redditor believes this "secret message" may be "I East."

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What could this all mean? Since Daryl is the only one of the Alexandria survivors to have gone back and forth from The Sanctuary to Alexandria, he could be telling Rick where The Sanctuary is, in a secretive and succinct way. This theory may certainly seem unlikely, but it's not unwarranted, especially given a scene from the opening minutes of Service, where Michonne retrieves the secret rifle from inside the fireplace, to go out hunting. On her way out, she passes a large sign hanging on the wall, which shows the full breakdown of American Morse Code.

It is never specifically mentioned in the show that Daryl, Rick or any of the other Alexandria residents have learned Morse Code. Still, many think it's too big of a coincidence that Daryl's blinking patterns mirror Morse Code, in the same episode that a large Morse Code sign is clearly seen in one of the Alexandria houses. While it's possible that Rick could use this information to try and save Daryl, he made it quite clear in last week's episode that he doesn't want to lose anyone else, and is content with following Negan's rules.

We already saw in a preview for next week's episode that The Saviors have returned to the Hilltop Colony, where they learned that Gregory (Xander Berkeley) is actually alive and well. The Walking Dead. Towards the end of Season 6, Rick came up with a plan to present a fake version of Gregory's head, before slaughtering a number of The Saviors at a different facility. Take a look at the GIF below featuring Daryl and Rick's blinking exchange from last week's episode of The Walking Dead.