A few days ago, it was confirmed that The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead crossover character will be revealed on tonight's episode of Talking Dead, and we may have gotten a big clue as to who it is. A now-deleted tweet from The Walking Dead comics Twitter revealed that The Walking Dead crossover character will go on to be a character on Fear the Walking Dead Season 4, which means that it won't be a Fear the Walking Dead character crossing over to The Walking Dead. Here's the deleted tweet below, which may have revealed who the character is.

"TOMORROW you will discover on @AMCTalkingDead who from #TheWalkingDead will join #FearTWD Season 4! Who do you think it is??"

While the tweet was ultimately deleted, many think that this is yet another clue that Michael Cudlitz's Abraham Ford will be announced as the crossover character. For one, the third season of Fear the Walking Dead ended with the reveal that the show is heading to Houston in Season 4, with the production actually moving to Texas as well. It has been established in both The Walking Dead comics and the TV show that Abraham Ford is originally from Houston, and since Abraham Ford was killed off in the Season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead, there will be no scheduling conflicts to worry about.


Michael Cudlitz himself also added fuel to the speculative fire by releasing a cryptic tweet that came out right around the same time that Robert Kirkman announced the crossover during The Walking Dead New York Comic Con panel in October. There was speculation that this Walking Dead crossover could take place in Season 8, but now it seems clear that it will happen in Fear the Walking Dead Season 4. Still, it isn't known if this crossover character, whether it be Abraham Ford or another character, will be a series regular on Fear the Walking Dead or how long said character is slated to appear on the show, but since the timelines are so far apart, it's certainly possible this character, whoever it is, becomes a fixture on Fear the Walking Dead for the near future.


Still, there is no confirmation as to who this character will be, but we will find out for sure later on tonight when Talking Dead airs after a brand new episode of The Walking Dead. It isn't clear how many details will be revealed on the Walking Dead after show, but we'll be sure to bring you all the details as they're announced. Be sure to check back later tonight for the official announcement of The Walking Dead crossover character.