AMC has officially announced that the zombie infested worlds of The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead will finally crossover. A character from one show will crossover to the other series, according to The Walking Dead creator, Robert Kirkman. Kirkman told fans on Saturday night at the Walking Dead panel held at the Theater at Madison Square Garden as part of New York Comic-Con. Fans have been waiting for this moment ever since the companion show was announced and it looks as if the wait is almost over as Kirkman would not offer any other details other to say that one character will hop shows next year.


Robert Kirkman remained secretive, but did offer up a little bit of information by saying, "more news coming in the following months... one character that I will not name. This is a huge event in the world of The Walking Dead." This is exciting, but it also comes as a slight shock since producers had stated in the past that a crossover would never happen and that the shows were separate, but it appears as if the writers have figured out a way to lead the prequel into the current events, which should be very interesting to see how they pull it off.

The spinoff series to The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, is 3 seasons in. Yet, it has never had any kind of crossover with the parent series up to this point in time. Taking place at different points in time, and also in completely different places, it makes sense as to why we haven't seen a crossover yet. And it didn't seem like we ever would, especially after producers denied it for so long. Whatever the case may be, they have apparently figured it out. Many have assumed that it has to do with the ratings for Fear the Walking Dead, which aren't as high as The Walking Dead. But the ratings for Fear the Walking Dead are still very strong, so that argument doesn't carry much weight.


AMC has also released a teaser to celebrate the crossover between the two wildly popular shows, but it appears that we are still quite a bit away from finally seeing the crossover take place. Before announcing the exciting event, Robert Kirkman stressed that the shows are supposed to exist independently from each other and that they're supposed to have their "own legs," which makes complete sense as that's how the shows have maintained for 3 seasons now. But who is the character? Who will be the one to crossover?

Many speculate that Heath will be the character to crossover, since he has not been seen in quite some time and is a fan favorite character. It has been promised that Heath will return at some point, so the theory makes a little bit of sense at this time. Regardless, this is all still speculation and again, it's going to be a while before we find out. In the meantime, check out the official crossover poster for The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead courtesy of The Walking Dead Twitter account below and be sure to watch the season premiere of Season 8 of The Walking Dead on October 22nd.