This year has brought more than its fair share of death, with entertainment icons such as Prince and David Bowie passing away over the past few months. Last night, the music industry lost one of its rising stars, The Voice singer Christina Grimmie, who was shot dead at the age of 22. The singer was signing autographs for fans outside The Plaza Live in Orlando, Florida, when an unidentified gunman approached the singer and fatally shot her. After the singer was shot, her brother tackled the gunman to the ground, when the killer shot himself in the head.

CNN reports that the killer was not from Orlando, and traveled to the Florida city solely to commit this murder. It is believed that the unidentified killer did not know the singer personallly. The murderer was a 21-year-old white male who was carrying two handguns, two additional magazines and a large hunting knife. Orlando Police Chief John Mina said police are going through the killer's computer, phone and other items to see if they can determine a motive for this killing. Here's what Christina Grimmie's publicist Heather Weiss had to say in a statement about the singer passing away.

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"It is with a heavy heart that we can confirm that Christina has passed and went home to be with the Lord. She was shot at her show in Orlando and, unfortunately, didn't survive the gunshot wounds. We ask at this time that you respect the privacy of her family and friends in their time of mourning."

Christina Grimmie appeared on Season 6 of NBC's The Voice in 2014. Her performance of Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball" impressed the judges and won her a spot on Adam Levine's team, where she ended up taking third place in the competition. The singer was touring with the band Before You Exit at The Plaza Live just before her untimely death. Here's what The Voice coach Adam Levine had to say in a statement about Christina Grimmie's passing.

"Christina was a natural, a gifted talent that comes along so rarely. Behati and I are absolutely devastated and heartbroken by Christina Grimmie's tragic death. Our hearts go out to her family. This is yet another senseless act of extreme violence. I am left stunned and confused how these things can conceivably continue to happen in our world."

While there are security measures in place at The Plaza Live, their security guards are unarmed, and they only check bags and purses as attendees enter the arena. It's unclear how the gunman got a weapon into the venue, or if security guards even checked for weapons. We'll be sure to keep you posted with more updates on this tragic story as soon as more details are released.