Towards the end of last week's Vikings episode, we got a quick look at Bjorn Ironside (Alexander Ludwig) returning home to Kattegat. Now the interesting part would be to see how he reacts to all that has gone on since he has been gone in Full Moon. Bjorn already has much on his mind though, since being away he has lost his feelings for Torvi (Georgia Hirst) and is figuring out how he will deal with her. But first, he speaks with his mother Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) who informs him of how King Harald (Peter Franzen) and his brother Ivar (Alex Hogh) plan to attack them at the next full moon. Without even questioning anything, Bjorn tells her it is a good thing he has returned. He probably isn't very surprised considering he knows of Ivar's ambition and that one day he would act on the fact that Lagertha murdered his mother. Lagertha has brought in the Sami people to help strengthen their army and Bjorn is immediately taken with King Svase's (Anthony Brophy) daughter Princess Snaefrid (Dagny Backer Johnsen). In the interest of checking loyalties, Halfdan (Jasper Paakkonen) informs Lagertha that Bjorn saved his life on their travels so he will fight with them against his brother. This truly is mounting up to be a civil war with blood ties not being any factor in terms of loyalty.

Torvi and Bjorn indeed have that needed conversation and she tells him she knew their love was over when he didn't return from England. While there is an unmistakable sadness in her eyes, Bjorn still promises that he will be a good father for their children. But now that he has made himself a single man, he tells Lagertha that he wants Snaefrid. These Viking men definitely waste no time with finding a new wife! Lagertha goes up to King Svase and bluntly just drops Bjorn's intentions in his lap. He says it is up to Snaefrid herself if she wants to be with him and later on she would do just that by tying Bjorn up and telling him how her people would half-castrate reindeer and the women would chew their balls? I'm not sure if this is her warning him what he's getting into but in the end, she told her father she was going to marry him the first time she saw him. Well, congrats to the happy couple! Now that Torvi is free as well, Ubbe (Jordan Patrick Smith) makes a move while she is grieving outside and kisses her. She seems to respond in kind (she has just been dumped) but what neither are aware of is the lingering eyes of Margrethe (Ida Nielsen) who we already know has been getting more vindictive towards Lagertha. Probably not the smartest woman to cross Ubbe.

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Later on, Margrethe would confront Ubbe about his actions with Torvi but he would claim he just felt sorry for her (what a gentleman). Whether she buys it or not, Margrethe continues her plan to overthrow Lagertha by suggesting to Ubbe that he should not fight Ivar and just let them overthrow her. When they kill Bjorn, Ubbe will then be able to take over as king of Kattegat and (more importantly) Margrethe will be queen. We don't get an actual answer out of Ubbe but I hope he's not letting this ridiculous logic make sense in his head. Does he think Ivar is just going to step aside and let Ubbe rule? There's no way that is happening.

At one point Lagertha and Bjorn have a serious conversation because she is not feeling like herself as of late. She really misses Ragnar and now that Astrid (Josefin Asplund) is gone as well she is very alone. She tells him that some days she would really like to go back to being a farmer, "Living the simple life. Watching the sun rise in the morning and set in the evening." But just as she is feeling melancholy, Bjorn raises her spirit by telling her how proud he is of all she has accomplished. He tells her that this new battle will be very exciting and how could she want to miss it? She smiles and agrees with her son saying "I wouldn't want to miss that." The shield maiden is still in there and has been awakened.

Speaking of Astrid, she informs King Harald of the news that she is pregnant. He is extremely elated over this and tells her that she has made him "the happiest man in Midgard." What of course he doesn't know is that there is a very good chance that this child is the product of the horrible rape that she went through in order to get a message to Kattegat. I had a feeling this might happen and it should be interesting to see who the biological father ends up being.

King Harald is so overflowing with happiness that he goes to tell Ivar and Heahmund (Jonathan Rhys Myers) who are playing (what appears to be) chess. They seem unimpressed by his news and just continue to play their game and talk strategy about their upcoming battle. Ivar asks Heahmund's opinion on how they should attack Kattegat and he is taken aback that Ivar values his thoughts. Ivar is still not entirely sure if he can trust the Bishop but he knows that Heahmund wants to win and he is also now saying that he believes it is God's will that he is choosing to fight for him. Ivar tells him that he wants to believe in him, that he is a true and noble person but he's still not fully convinced. "If you kill me now, you deny yourself the pleasure of proving yourself right," Heahmund tells Ivar as he has a knife to the side of his face. I myself still can't figure out the game Heahmund is playing, he seems to be legitimately on Ivar's side but there's the part of me that hopes he comes to his senses.

Over in England, Alfred (Ferdia Walsh-Peelo) has traveled to the monastery that Raganr Lothbrok attacked with his Viking warriors (many seasons ago) and is inquiring about the monk who was taken as a slave. He acts like he doesn't have any connection and just says he wants to learn more about him because he's "an inspiration." When he shows Lord Abbot (Bosco Hogan) the cross that belonged to Athelstan he says it was given to him by Ragnar. The Abbot is appalled saying that the man is a devil.

Alfred takes the more open-minded approach and tells Abbot that there is good and evil in everyone. He also suggests that they should start delivering their services in English because that way they can reach more people with the word of God. Later on, we would see him saying the prayer "Our Father" to himself but we also hear a second voice that sounds like Athelstan? Are they actually going to find a way to bring him back?

Even though it has been a tough journey, Floki (Gustaf Skarsgard) and his people finally arrive at their destination. While some are far from impressed and feel cheated, others see the hot springs that go off as a sign from the gods that this is a promising new land. One couple discovers while they are in the hot springs that they are with child and they see this as the first life in the new world. In an effort to keep them on his side, Floki takes a moment after they have started to camp there to tell them he wants to set up a society where disagreements will not be settled with an ax, the land will be parceled out fairly, and only those can afford to will have to pay tax. But when he is questioned who will rule them, Floki states they will simply rule themselves. While that sounds like a very optimistic idea there are those in his group that question him saying this and believe secretly he wants to rule.

Before we close the episode we are left with Lagertha, Bjorn, Ubbe, and Halfdan all discussing how to deal with the attack they know is coming. Having to decide between trying to challenge him on land or sea or both. Bjorn brings up that whatever they decide is their biggest advantage, Ivar has probably already come up with a way to counter their strategy. Does Ubbe end up sticking by Lagertha or does he let his wife change his mind and betray them? Will Bishop Heahmund show his loyalty to Ivar and proudly fight by his side? And what of Astrid and her bleak situation with King Harald? It's almost time for the big civil war on this History Channel series, so decide which side you're on!

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