Back in the '90s, Bob Saget had an image of a wholesome family man due to his role on the classic sitcom Full House. The comedian also served as the host for the comedy series America's Funniest Home Videos for its first eight seasons, adding funny voices and commentary to the wacky home videos Americans send in. In the years following his work on these programs, Saget has become more well-known for his raunchy stand-up material, which is a far cry from how TV viewers saw him two decades ago. Now, Saget is going back to his roots with a return to ABC as the host of Videos After Dark, a show which can best be described as the adult version of America's Funniest Home Videos.

A common link between Videos After Dark and AFV is producer Vin Di Bona. Because AFV is strictly a family show, many of the clips sent in are too risque to be featured on the program. These unused clips will be used for the new Bob Saget show, with the former AFV host providing commentary on videos too mature to be broadcast at 7 p.m. When the new show airs, it will be aiming towards an older audience as it will be playing at 10 p.m. upon its debut. This seems like a perfect gig for Saget, as the funnyman gets to return to something familiar to him while maintaining the adult sense of humor his fans have fully embraced.

Along with the announcement of Videos After Dark comes the confirmation of a renewal for AFV. The long-running program has been picked up by ABC for two additional seasons, keeping the series going for even longer. First debuting in 1989, the series began with Saget as the host whose tenure lasted until 1997. He was replaced by John Fugelsang and Daisy Fuentes, before Tom Bergeron then took over in 2001. Bergeron would ultimately spend more time than Saget on the show, lasting until 2015 when he passed the torch to current host Alfonso Ribeiro.

Videos After Dark is said to have a "nightclub style feel," with Saget performing in front of a studio audience. Unlike AFV, the series will not be offering cash prizes to any of the individuals featured in the videos shown. Despite the behind-the-scenes connection, the show will not be referencing AFV on the air, so as to keep its distance from that show's family-friendly image. While it's important to remember that the show is going to be on ABC and not HBO, thereby limiting how far Saget can go, it's clearly not going to be a program for kids.

In addition to staying busy with his stand-up performances on the road, Saget has been maintaining work on television. Just recently, the comedian portrayed a priest on the Showtime series Shameless, stealing the show in his limited appearance. Bringing him back for Videos After Dark is an interesting move for ABC, but given how trendy '90s nostalgia has become, now seems to be the perfect time. This information comes to us courtesy of Variety.