Veronica Mars is back in Hulu's first full-length trailer for the revival series. Kristen Bell is reprising the titular role and things look pretty much the same as they always have, which is a good thing for fans who have been waiting years to see what their favorite private investigator has been up to all of this time. The original show ran from 2004 to 2007 and was brought back in 2014 with a crowdfunded movie, so it was really only a matter of time before Bell was back for more Veronica Mars.

The Veronica Mars revival series finds Kristen Bell's titular character as a full time private investigator in Neptune working in her dad's office. The trailer features her taking down a mugger and then posting him to Instagram before the story is laid out. Neptune is going through a string of bombings during spring break, which just happens to be how the small town makes a lot of its money for the year.

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From there, Kristen Bell's Veronica Mars is hired by one of the bombing victim's parents to solve the mystery. J.K. Simmons is spotted in the trailer and looking rather nefarious while Patton Oswalt, who plays a true crime obsessed pizza man, urges Mars to follow the money. It looks like the wealthy population of Neptune wants to put an end to the spring break partying that comes to the town every year, while the working class, who depend on the holiday for survival, are all for it. The Veronica Mars revival series will see the character trying to figure out exactly what's happening and why.

The short trailer for the Veronica Mars revival series hints at a lot of familiarity, which could be good for the series. But, if it follows the 2014 crowdfunded movie, fans might be a bit disappointed. The movie was criticized for having a bit too much fan service, which resulted in a decent, but not thrilling return of the character. It's unclear if the new series took some of the past criticism into account, but even the short trailer looks like a step in the right direction. We'll just have to wait until this summer.

Hulu is set to release the Veronica Mars revival series on July 26th. Kristen Bell stars and executive produces the new series, with Rob Thomas, Diane Ruggiero-Wright, and Dan Etheridge also executive producing. Thomas also wrote the first episode. The original series ran for three seasons, totaling 60 episodes, before it was cancelled. Fans were devastated, but Bell and Thomas have always left the door open for a return to the show in various ways. With that being said, excitement is high for the Veronica Mars revival series. While we wait for the show to premiere this summer, you can check out the trailer below, thanks to the Hulu streaming YouTube channel.