Vanessa Marquez, who is best known for starring in the hit TV show ER, has died. She was 49 years old. Marquez appeared on 27 episodes of ER between 1994 and 1997 as Nurse Wendy Goldman, but had her career slow down afterwards. She was fatally shot by Pasadena police after she pulled out a BB gun during a routine wellness check. According to police, the actress was "gravely disabled," and suffered from seizures. Police and an LA County mental health clinician arrived on the scene after a call from Marquez's landlord.

At the time of the incident, Police and the LA County mental health clinician were just coming over for a routine wellness check. However, after Vanessa Marquez pulled out what looked like a semi-automatic handgun, police shot her at least one time in the torso. She was rushed to the hospital and was later pronounced dead at the scene. Police had been over to Marquez's place often for help in the past. The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department is currently investigating the incident, which is routine for all officer-involved shootings.


In addition to her role on ER, Vanessa Marquez also had parts in Malcolm & Eddie, Seinfeld, Melrose Place, and the movie Stand and Deliver. Marquez appeared in a 2005 episode of A&E's Intervention for OCD, addiction to shopping, and depression. She later appeared in a news report about her love of the Star Wars universe in 2010. Marquez had an extensive collection of Star Wars memorabilia and was featured on the news for a special about the May the Fourth Be With You celebration.

Vanessa Marquez recently made headlines when she accused former ER co-star George Clooney of getting her fired from the show and blacklisting her career. She also made claims of sexual and racial harassment on the set. Clooney flatly denied the allegations, noting that he had nothing to do with the casting process and would never have done such a thing. Marquez fired back, claiming that Clooney is a Scientologist amongst other things. She was later banned from Twitter for harassing Clooney on the social media platform. She started another account where she began attacking Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. Her account was mostly retweets of anti-Donald Trump posts.


Vanessa Marquez had struggled with depression in the past, but it isn't clear why police and a mental health clinician were called to her house for this specific incident. One of her neighbors is shocked by the incident and says that it looks, "like a horrible, horrible misunderstanding." On Facebook, Marquez was open with her struggles with celiac disease and seizures. Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder that can cause seizures with adults as well as migraines, arthritis, and depression as well as anxiety. Neighbors say that Marquez was a kind and talented woman, but that she was dealing with some health battles lately. This news was first reported by the South Pasadenan.