The Griswolds are back! After his dramatic fallout with the NBC sitcom Community, it seemed unlikely that Chevy Chase would return to TV. But he is bringing his on-screen wife Beverly D'Angelo back with him for a new ABC sitcom.

ABC has offered a production commitment to the project. It will center on a married couple who have to raise their grandchildren. It will be a single-camera comedy.

At this time, there is no pilot script, no writer and no studio attached. Back in the Game's Aaron Kaplan will produce.

Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo first appeared together as Clark and Ellen Griswold in 1983's Vacation, which was followed by European Vacation in 1985, Christmas Vacation in 1989 and Vegas Vacation in 1997. They also appeared together in a recent run of Old Navy commercials. It is unclear if they still plan on reprising their roles in the upcoming Vacation reboot starring Ed Helms and Christina Applegate.

The untitled sitcom will be prepped for the 2014/2015 ABC Fall schedule.