Looks like The Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder just can't keep away from the undead bloodsuckers as today we have the trailer for his new Netflix series V-Wars to share with you guys. Based on the comic book series by author Jonathan Maberry, the new show will be debuting its ten-episode first season over on the streaming giant beginning on December 5th.

The show centers on Ian Somerhalder as Dr. Luther Swann, whose best friend is transformed into a murderous predator who feeds on other humans (or, you know, a vampire) by a mysterious disease. Somerhalder's Swann must then race against time to understand what's happening as the disease spreads and transforms more and more people, fracturing society into two camps, the "normals" and the "vampires." Oh, and to make matters all the more dramatic, Swann's best buddy rises to become the leader of this new powerful underground vampire clan.

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Along with The Vampire Diaries and Lost star Ian Somerhalder, this new Netflix vampire series is also set to feature The Cabin in the Woods and Arrow actor Adrian Holmes, Parental Guidance and The Whispers actor Kyle Breitkopf, and Shadowhunters and Beyond actress Jacky Lai. Saw VI and Silent Hill: Revelation actor Peter Outerbridge joins them along with Crimson Peak and The Lizzie Borden Chronicles actress Kimberly-Sue Murray, Departure and Shadowhunters actress Sydney Meyer, and Jigsaw and Rabid actress Laura Vandervoort.

On top of leading the cast of this new series, Somerhalder will also serve as one of the show's directors along with Brad Turner (The Shannara Chronicles), TJ Scott (Star Trek: Discovery), Kaare Andrews (Cabin Fever 3: Patient Zero), Marita Grabiak (American Horror Story), and Bobby Roth (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.). William Laurin (Aftermath) and Glenn Davis (Dracula: The Series) are the showrunners and share series writing credits with Philip Bedard (Kung Fu: The Legend Continues) and Larry Lalonde (Forever Knight). And as if the man didn't already have enough to do on the show, Somerhalder also serves as one of the series' executive producers along with Brad Turner, Eric Birnberg, Thomas Walden, David Ozer, Ted Adams, and James Gibb.

Now as someone who has never read any of the books in Jonathan Maberry's hit series, or even seen a single episode of Somerhalder's much-loved CW series The Vampire Diaries I will be able to give you a straight opinion on the series, untainted. And...it looks kinda 'meh' to me. While I dig most of the actors on display here, the overall vibe I'm getting from the show is one that screams corny. But possibly in a good way, mind you. I mean at the very least it looks to be action-packed so if it does end up being more soap opera than engaging and brutal horror at least there will be, you know, car chases and shoot-outs along the way. The first season, which sports ten hourlong episodes, will be available to peep over on Netflix beginning on December 5, 2019. In the meantime, this trailer comes to us from Netflix over on YouTube.