Unsolved Mysteries will be back for more on Netflix this fall. The streaming service has announced that Volume 2, which is the second half of season 1, will debut on October 19. Six new episodes will be arriving on that date. The release date was initially teased in a post on social media featuring a photo of trees cloaked in fog. The caption reads as follows.

"Let's see how much of a sleuth Unsolved Mysteries Volume 1 made you..."

Upon further inspection, blurred in with the fog was the message "New Unsolved Mysteries October 19." The first half of the revival series debuted on July 1. The show quickly topped the daily charts on Netflix's most-watched list. As such, the company is wasting no time getting the second batch of episodes out in the world. Netflix released a brief description for the second half of season 1, which reads as follows.

"In six new episodes, 'Unsolved Mysteries' profiles more unexplained disappearances, tragic events, and bizarre occurrences. Perhaps one viewer holds the key to solving these cases. Detectives, journalists, and family members offer intriguing theories in this gripping series."

The original series was created by Terry Dunn Meurer and John Cosgrove, with Robert Stack on board as the host. The new version of the show is produced without hosted wraparound segments, but Meurer serves as showrunner with Cosgrove on as an executive producer. Shawn Levy and Josh Barry also serve as executive producers. Netflix has a great working relationship with Levy, who is also behind Stranger Things, one of the biggest original shows the service has under its belt.


Unsolved Mysteries, during its original run, aired for 11 seasons and 260 episodes. The series documented over 1,000 stories, receiving six Emmy nominations. The six stories that debuted on Netflix in July captured the attention of viewers and credible tips that can possibly help solve the cold cases were received shortly after the episodes aired. The cases of Rey Rivera, Patrice Endres, Alonzo Brooks and Lena Chapin were explored in Volume 1, among others. The specific cases that will be documented in Volume 2 have yet to be revealed. However, it was previously confirmed that a ghost story will be included in the new batch of episodes.


This is technically just the second part of the show's first season on Netflix. It has not yet been revealed if Unsolved Mysteries season 2 will be happening. That said, even though the company historically does not reveal much in the way of streaming numbers, the show seemed to do quite well and generated a great deal of social media buzz. It is hard to imagine, as a result, that it wouldn't be picked up for a sophomore season. Much of that could depend on how Volume 2 performs. With the premiere date not too far off, we should expect to see a new trailer soon. You can check out the teaser image for yourself from the Netflix Twitter account.