With the hype of Tiger King beginning to die down since its March premiere, Netflix subscribers seem to have found their "new Carole Baskin" on the streamer's reboot of Unsolved Mysteries. The second episode of the revival, titled "13 Minutes," delves into the mysterious abduction and murder of 38-year-old hair salon owner Patrice Endres. As revealed by the series, there are multiple suspects in the investigation, but the victim's ex-husband, Rob Endres, appears to be taking the brunt of the suspicion by fans on social media -- with many going so far as to name Rob the new Carole Baskin.

Although other suspects have been considered, many Unsolved Mysteries fans online seem to be completely convinced of Rob's guilt. In part, this stems from Rob's apparent disdain towards Patrice's son, Pistol, which included locking the teenager out of the house soon after his own mother's disappearance. On the show, Pistol also states his belief that Rob was involved with Patrice's death. Some fans also found it strange how Rob admitted to carrying around Patrice's skull and sleeping with her cremated remains in bed with him for over a year after her body was recovered, though Rob claimed it was just his way of grieving.

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"Congrats to Rob on Unsolved Mysteries for making himself the new Carole Baskin," one fan tweet bluntly proclaims. Many other tweets echo these same sentiments, similarly using the nickname of, "the new Carole Baskin" to refer to Rob. Meanwhile, others are going so far as to suggest Baskin was mild compared to Rob based on his behavior on {Unsolved Mysteries. "If y'all thought Carole Baskin was weird as well as guilty, wait until yall see Rob from EP 2 of Unsolved Mysteries," another fan writes on Twitter. Clearly, public opinion doesn't seem to be on his side.

Featured on Tiger King, Baskin has been accused of murdering her ex-husband, Don Lewis. Mysteriously, Lewis disappeared in 1997 and was later declared legally dead after years had gone by with no body ever found. Baskin has since been accused by Tiger King fans across the world of killing her husband, with one popular theory suggesting she fed his body to alligators. Even alleged double-murderer O.J. Simpson has said he is convinced of Baskin's guilt, ironically enough. Still, the case remains open and unsolved, and as with Patrice Endres, it's not clear if the presumed murder will ever see the culprit face justice.

After the new Unsolved Mysteries premiered on Netflix, the show's producers were sent many tips from viewers deemed to be "credible." It remains to be seen if the show will bring in new information to help shed some light on Patrice's case, but regardless of whomever the culprit might be, let's hope this story gets the update that it needs for investigators to fill in the missing pieces of the puzzle and finally close the case. Along with the other victims featured on the show, Patrice deserves justice. If you have any information that can assist with any of the cases featured on Unsolved Mysteries, you can submit tips online at the official website, Unsolved.com.