Unsolved Mysteries is coming back courtesy of Netflix at the start of next month, and we now have an official trailer to give us an idea of what the series revival will be like. Set to debut on the streaming service on July 1, the new Unsolved Mysteries feels a bit like a modernized version of the classic series and the trailer seems to capture that same tone. The official trailer was just released on Tuesday, and you can watch the video below.

Presented as a documentary-style series, the Unsolved Mysteries revival touches on some of the new mysteries people have been looking for answers to since the last time the series aired. As with the previous iterations of the series, the new Unsolved Mysteries will also delve into stories of the unexplained ranging from true crime to the paranormal in the show's six-episode season. Fans of the classic series may also notice that the original theme song can be heard in the closing moments of the trailer, and the other music featured during the video is pretty reminiscent of that classic tune that creeped so many of us out as children.

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Of course, the biggest and most noticeable difference between this new Unsolved Mysteries and the classic version of the TV series most of us remember is the lack of the original host, Robert Stack. Serving as the host and narrator for Unsolved Mysteries between 1987 and 2002, Stack became synonymous with the series due to his unique voice and presentation. Dennis Farina would later replace Stack for Spike TV's limited revival of the show, but most fans still associate the show mostly with Stack. As no new narrator could ever come close to matching the original host's voice, it appears that the producers knew not to even try this time, and the Netflix revival does not feature a formal host.

Episode descriptions from a press release also reveal what the show's six episodes will be exploring. Stories set to be highlighted include the strange death of Rey Rivera, with investigators and family members debating the cause; the disappearance of salon worker Patrice Endres, who vanished without a trace in a 13-minute span; the murders of Count Xavier Dupont de Ligonnes' family members and the search for Xavier, whom police believe to be the killer; the killing of 23-year-old Alonzo Brooks, whose body was found a month later in an area already searched extensively by law enforcement; an alleged UFO sighting in Massachusetts with a large number of eyewitnesses have been maintaining for years that it's real; and the disappearance of teenager Lena Chapin, who was set to testify against her own mother on murder charges before she went missing.

You can check out the new Unsolved Mysteries when the revival series premieres on Netflix on July 1. As the late, great Robert Stack used to say, you should join in, because "maybe you could help solve a mystery." High viewership of the series will also likely lead to new episodes to come in the future, and the more mysteries from the world that we can solve, the better. The trailer for the new series shown above comes to us from Netflix on YouTube.

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