During its summer preview panel earlier today, CBS unveiled a Season 2 teaser photo for Under the Dome, which returns Monday, June 30 with "Heads Will Roll". As you can see below, the dome has now become magnetized, with street signs, grills, bicycles and other household items sticking to the dome's surface. Check out the image below, then read on for more details about Season 2.

Under the Dome Season 2 Photo

Executive producer Neal Baer teased that no less than two beloved characters will be killed off in Season 2, although he said there is the possibility that they may resurface. he also hinted at upcoming possibilities for the continuation of the series.

"Last year was a season of secrets, this is the year where we will find out what they're truly made of. Anything is possible under the dome."

The executive producer also reveals that the season will explore the theme of science vs. faith, with the inclusion of a new character named Rebecca (Karla Crome), a science teacher who clashes with the faith-based Julie (Rachelle Lefevre), as Big Jim (Dean Norris) becomes caught in the middle of of their opposing views.

The show was initially marketed as a limited event series, but Neal Baer believes there are many more stories to tell, since they are already past the Stephen King book.

"We're way past the book. The book is about the first week and we're already two weeks in. This season will be going two more weeks. If we lasted 15 years, that would only be a year under the dome. It's certainly possible to keep going. We have so many stories to tell."

We reported back in March that Stephen King himself is writing the Season 2 premiere, "Heads Will Roll". Here's what Neal Baer had to say about the author writing the premiere.

"Stephen King is sending us off into a place we're proud of and we really love and [these are some of] his ideas to go beyond the book."

Season 2 will also include a number of new characters such as Sherry Stringfield as Pauline, Big Jim's wife, Eddie Cahill, Grace Victoria Cox and Dwight Yoakam.