The upcoming Twisted Metal TV series has reportedly found its Sweet Tooth in Will Arnett (BoJack Horseman). In 2019, it was announced that a small screen adaptation of the hit video game series was in the works at Sony Pictures Entertainment. No major details about the project have been revealed since, but a new report from The Illuminerdi is shedding some light on the Twisted Metal show with some alleged plot details and word of Arnett's involvement.

Per the report, Twisted Metal: The Series is described as a "high-octane action comedy" following an outsider trying to better his own life. Rather than competing in a tournament where the winner gets their biggest wish granted, the protagonist instead has to deliver a mysterious package across a post-apocalyptic wasteland alongside a trigger-happy car thief. On the road, the outsider must face "marauders with vehicles capable of intense destruction, along with other open road dangers and a crazy clown with a recognizable ice cream truck."


The outlet also reports that Will Arnett has been "confirmed" for a cameo voiceover role as Sweet Tooth, the homicidal clown with a flaming head that serves as the mascot of the Twisted Metal franchise. Word is Anthony Mackie was also offered the lead role of John after Kumail Nanjiani was previously considered. As with the above plot details, this casting information hasn't been confirmed by either the talent or the studio, so for now, these are still just rumors.

The first Twisted Metal game was released on the PlayStation in 1995, quickly becoming a hit with gamers and spawning a long-running franchise with multiple sequels. With players combatting each other using themed cars fitted with armor and weaponry, the concept of the game is basically an ultra-violent demolition derby where the goal is to destroy every single opponent. Each character had their own unique storyline and ending.


Years ago, Sony had considered turning the popular video game into a movie. It was announced in 2012 that Crank co-director Brian Taylor would write and direct the movie for Sony Pictures Entertainment. The project never came to fruition, and Taylor later revealed what happened to the ill-fated movie in a 2017 interview with Collider. As Taylor explains, it all came down to a decline in sales for the video game series, leading to fears that the movie would flop.

"Sony came out with a new version of the game, didn't really sell that well," Taylor said. "So they had this property that was kind of like this 'tweener. It was a movie that felt like it needed to be $50 million, but they didn't feel that the fanbase really merited that kind of movie; it really wanted to be more of a $15 million movie, but the nature of it with the set pieces would've just made it too big."


Maybe the new TV show will have better luck, as progress on another video game adaptation that's happening at Sony Pictures Entertainment is also moving along very well. This week, it was reported that HBO's TV series adaptation of The Last of Us had found its lead stars with Pedro Pascal and Balla Ramsey landing the roles of Joel and Ellie, respectively. Original game writer and creative director Neil Druckmann will write the series with Chernobyl creator Craig Mazin. A release date hasn't yet been announced.

Similarly, there's no information yet on when the Twisted Metal series might be released, but with The Last of Us making progress, maybe more updates on Twisted Metal won't be too far behind. This information comes to us from The Illuminerdi.