The idea might seem crazy, but you're gonna actually have to wait for some big shows in 2018. Yes, you will need to exercise that long dormant muscle of patience. I know this might sound totally bonkers with everything right at your streaming fingertips. But there just has to be some other content you can binge in the meantime. 

Why am I writing in such foreboding tones, you ask? Well, it's because 7 shows that fans cannot get enough will not be back with new episodes until 2019. Are you still reading? Or, are you convulsing and thrashing you computer, tablet, phone or TV in frustration?

The reality of this whole smart TV boom is that the ante is continuously being upped. Companies like Netflix, Amazon along with traditional cable providers like HBO and Showtime have changed the game. They have made television so elaborate and specialized that traditional year after year content can't just be squeezed like it is on an assembly line.

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Basically, do you want your favorite shows to be good or do you want have the "jump the shark" discussion? (Do people still have that?) The shows on this list have a lot going on. They are doing everything they can to expand the special medium they have helped create. If they are forced out to meet some self-imposed deadline, the special qualities they exude will naturally suffer.

So it is with both sadness and hope that we give you 7 big shows you can't watch again until 2019. That might seem like an eternity in the TV world. You may wonder what you will do with yourself. Chances are you will experience withdrawals. Don't worry you can re-read this article as many times as you want so you know the aforementioned shows will be coming back. Sometime. Just not anytime soon.

Big Little Lies

<strong><em>Big Little Lies</em></strong>

Network: HBO

Returning: Unknown

One of the big jewels in HBO's crown Big Little Lies was a lot bigger than most people realized it would be. Or, maybe HBO planned on keeping this series simple and have a new cast every season ala True Detective? Whatever the case this show was a monster hit. Winning numerous accolades it just makes sense that it's going to continue. However, with cast members like Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman (they also happen to be producers on this juggernaut), schedules just couldn't mesh to have this show comeback anytime sooner than 2019.

Game of Thrones

<strong><em>Game of Thrones</em></strong>

Network: HBO

Returning: 2019

Yes, it has been officially confirmed that the next trip to Westeros won't happen until 2019. Game of Thrones is a true example of Goliath vs. Goliath. Year after year in this show's storied run, Game of Thrones has gotten bigger and better. It's like a sales force that constantly exceeds expectations until the expectations are in another stratosphere. Also factor in that the upcoming season is going to be this show's swan song and that only increases the already storied expectations for Game of Thrones. In fact, anticipation for what they might do is going to be so high that chances are a whole cottage industry of doubters will be born. The spectrum will run from "Can Game of Thrones live up to the hype?" to "There's no way it can live up to the hype?" Wherever this final season falls in the Game of Thrones canon it will surely benefit from it's extra time in the 2018 oven.



Network: FX

Returning: 2019

With the fate of this show being up in the air Fargo fans got a nice gift (albeit one they are going to have to wait for), when it was announced that this show would indeed be coming back. The fact that the this gift will have to wait until 2019 to be unwrapped is the biggest bit of bad news, it seems. I say that because there's precious little information about the direction that this season is going to take. Sure, we can pontificate all manner of Midwestern shadiness but the reality is that, until 2019 makes its bow, we're going to have to settle for a litany of teaser trailers, vague comments, and press conferences that only serve to remind us that we are waiting for Fargo to come back. Or, watching the current administration in action.

Evan Jacobs