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Charlie Sheen's Anger Management Adds Daniela Bobadilla

The FX comedy will follow a former baseball player with anger issues who winds up as an unconventional anger management therapist.

Harout Harmanian

EXCLUSIVE: Erica Tazel Talks Elmore Leonard, Raylan, and Justified 3.05: Thick as Mud

U.S. Marshals Rachel Brooks and Raylan Givens go after vicious organ harvesters in this episode debuting February 14th.

B. Alan Orange

Game of Thrones Season 2 Promo Art

The hit HBO fantasy series based on the works of George R.R. Martin returns with all-new episodes starting April 1st.

B. Alan Orange

Darkover Novel Series Get TV Adaptation

Marion Zimmer Bradley's popular sci-fi novel series about colonization on a new planet.

Cat Parker

Deadman Comic to Be Adapted for the CW

Looking to fill Smallville's hole, the comic is about the spirit of a murdered man who lives on as he inhabits other people's bodies.

Harout Harmanian

EXCLUSIVE: Supernatural Spin-off Ghostfacers Performs Exorcism on the Internet

Actors from Supernatural and its Internet spin-off, Ghostfacers, discuss the new series at the show's premiere party in Hollywood.

Jami Philbrick

Cast of FlashForward Talks the Future of the Series

The cast of the ABC series gives us a glimpse into the future of the show and the remainder of the first season.

Jami Philbrick

Walton Goggins Returns to Television

The award winning filmmaker and breakout star of the hit FX series The Shield discusses his return to television in two different upcoming series.

Jami Philbrick