The duo behind Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz are teaming up for a new TV series. Nick Frost and Simon Pegg recently launched a production company, Stolen Picture. The production company has been operating since last year and they already have a feature coming out later this year. Now we have word that they're working on their first TV series, which is titled Truth Seekers and will center on the paranormal.

According to a new report, Nick Frost and Simon Pegg are producing the half-hour comedy, which will center on a group of three paranormal investigators. At the time, it isn't clear if Frost and Pegg are looking to star in the series, but given their very busy schedules, it seems likely that they'll be doing more work behind-the-scenes on this one. Truth Seekers is said to be setting up a "monster-of-the-week" format, which will allow for a lot of flexibility, in terms of storytelling. Here's what Simon Pegg had to say about it.

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"Each episode is going to be an adventure, a potential haunting or something," Pegg says. "It'll start as a very parochial idea, a very small business venture for these people, but it will expand as the series goes on to be something far more global. It's a language everyone understands, the mystery of the unknown. 'Shaun of the Dead' was a very parochial story set in North London and somehow it managed to get this global reach because everyone understands the language of zombie movies."

Initially, Simon Pegg thought that he and Nick Frost would stick to producing movies. However, he now says, "In terms of where the money is being made, and creatively, making episodic television is now no less nourishing than a two-hour movie." That's what helped make Truth Seekers a possibility. At the time, there's no real information as to when we can expect the series to air, but it sounds like it's in the relatively early stages and is being shopped around. No network has been attached to the series at this time.

Though the world mostly knows Simon Pegg and Nick Frost for their work in Edgar Wright's Cornetto trilogy, which consists of Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and At World's End, the two are highly in-demand and have plenty of projects going individually. Frost is set to star in the new Tomb Raider and Pegg will be in Mission: Impossible 6 later this year. But they did get their start in TV on the British series Spaced, which aired on Channel 4 in the U.K.

Simon Pegg also provided an update on their upcoming horror-comedy Slaughterhouse Rulez. Pegg says the movie is "very satirical, very much about the U.K. selling itself off. It's about fracking as well, and that unleashes some awful subterranean demon." Additionally in their interview with Variety, the pair say they are "breaking free of our past commitments" and are aiming to at some point have "everything will be Stolen Picture."