President Trump is calling for "total freedom of the press" after a federal judge orders the administration to reinstate Jim Acosta's press badge. The Trump administration banned Acosta, who is CNN's White House correspondent, last week after a heated exchange with the president during a press conference. The White House claimed that Acosta had been physically aggressive with an intern, which was later proven to be false with video evidence. CNN soon filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration for violating the First Amendment.

Earlier today, a federal judge ordered the Trump administration to give back Jim Acosta's White House privileges. After regaining his press badge, Acosta was eager to get back to work. However, while President Donald Trump is calling for "total freedom of the press," he also declared that his team is currently "writing up rules and regulations" to "set up a certain standard" for behavior at the White House. Trump concluded by insisting that "we have to practice decorum."

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Donald Trump and the mainstream media have had a pretty rocky relationship since he announced his candidacy. Trump often refers to the media as fake news, and especially goes out of his way to call CNN out almost daily for reporting things that he deems to be either unfair or untrue. The argument that took place between Jim Acosta and Trump last week was pretty heated as well as unprecedented, much like a lot of the ways that Trump goes about his days as President of the United States. There's only a few networks that Trump trusts, with the main one being Fox News.

When CNN's lawsuit against the Trump administration was announced, many networks backed the decision, including Fox News. However, even with the reinstatement, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders revealed that Jim Acosta's badge reinstatement was "temporary," going on to echo Trump's thoughts about new rules that are going to be set in place for interactions with the president. The First Amendment allows for free speech and reporters to write about the government as they see fit. Bad press for the President of the United States did not start with Donald Trump, and it's not going away any time soon.

At this time, it isn't clear what kind of rules and regulations that the Trump administration is working on to keep flair ups from happening again. It's the duty of the mainstream media, no matter what side, to report the facts. With that being said, the Donald Trump presidency has proven to be one of the most divisive in recent times, often tearing people apart because of political differences as opposed to unifying and bringing the country together. Let's hope that Donald Trump stands by his promise of a "total freedom of the press." This news was first reported by Deadline.