President Donald Trump sparked tons of controversy across the country when he announced on live television yesterday he would be declaring a "national emergency" to seize funds for his proposed border wall. It's creating more friction in an already-divided country, with some of his supporters praising the idea while many others consider it absolutely ludicrous. Some of the television networks airing the speech may have been less than impressed with it as well, as one of them opted not to air the final 21 minutes of the televised speech.

On CBS, while Trump was still speaking and clearly had a lot more left to say, the network went back to its regularly-scheduled airing of The Price Is Right, choosing Drew Carey over a message from the president of the United States.

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Airing from the Rose Garden at the White House, the speech was originally intended to air at 10:30 AM eastern time. A delay caused it to air several hours later instead, finally starting at 1:10 PM. The speech lasted for about 50 minutes, ending at approximately 2 PM. According to CBS, the network was informed by White House representatives that the delayed speech would last for eight minutes, but no longer. It seems that after a half hour, CBS felt they had given Trump enough TV time, leading to the decision to switch back to The Price is Right. Reportedly, CBS is the only network to cut Trump off, as every other station let the speech air in its entirety.

The context of the controversial speech centered around the border wall. Trump purported that the United States has an invasion of drugs and gangs due to the lack of a border wall between the country and Mexico. Because of this bold claim, Trump says the situation is now a "national emergency," with the hope of expediting his plan to build the border wall his entire 2016 presidential campaign hinged on. While not everything the president says holds weight after fact-checking, he is clearly serious about his efforts to separate the United States from Mexico, now to the point of taking advantage of his presidential privileges to make it happen.

In addition to running much longer than expected, fact-checkers are also claiming the speech was filled with inaccuracies. For example, Trump took a shot at previous president Barack Obama, claiming Obama "put more debt on this country than every president in the history of our country combined." CNN reports this to be emphatically false, noting the national debt has just hit $22 trillion for the first time under Trump's tenure. For the record, pointing a finger at Obama was Trump's response to a question about his own contributions to the national debt.

It's needless to say that this national tragedy announcement from the president is creating a lot of controversy. Many Americans are very unhappy, and we can expect the decision to be challenged by opposing politicians in the courts. Trump fully expects this, even referencing in his speech that he sees the issue heading to the Supreme Court. This information comes to us from Deadline.