President Donald Trump is all over the news for a variety of reasons 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And now, Howard Stern can be seen talking to David Letterman about the time Trump was on his radio show bragging about how hot his daughter, Ivanka, is. The new clip is from Letterman's Netflix series My Next Guest Needs No Introduction and it's just a short tease for what we'll all be in store for when the full episode premieres at the end of this month.

To set up the My Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman clip, Howard Stern is talking to David Letterman about what makes a good guest for interviewing purposes. Stern says, "To me, a guest who comes on and says anything that is on his mind is a great guest," and for anybody that's ever watched President Trump speak, you know that's how he operates. Some of his past interviews with Stern have come back to haunt him since he got elected, but the President is able to just ignore them.

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The appearance that Howard Stern is speaking of took place in 2006 and President Trump was very forthcoming. Stern remembers asking Trump about who some of the hottest women are, which ends in Trump bragging that his daughter is a "10," and a "piece of ass." Stern asked him about Angelina Jolie, but Trump dismissed her and labeled her as a 7 while David Letterman sits there in shock. He had this to say.

"You know who's a great beauty? My daughter, Ivanka. Now she's a 10."

The clip from My Next Guest Needs No Introduction is short and gets viewers hooked into wanting to see the rest. Howard Stern is normally somewhat of a wildcard when he appears in interviews, but this time, he seems calm and ready to answer questions seriously instead of asking them and making a big spectacle. Stern is also good at crafting a story and you can tell that David Letterman is all in as soon as Stern starts talking about what an excellent guest Donald Trump is, and he's right. Letterman especially likes the part when Stern reveals that Trump likes to be referred to as "Mr. Trump" when appearing on his show.

With the internet, nothing is ever really erased, which Howard Stern brings up. No matter how outlandish and unbelievable President Donald Trump's thoughts on his daughter are, they are right there online with a quick Google search. While Stern is telling David Letterman what makes a good guest, he is becoming one himself. My Next Guest Needs No Introduction has been praised for its in-depth interviews, which is something that Stern is no stranger to, being hailed as a great interviewer in his own right. Howard Stern's episode of My Next Guest Needs No Introduction premieres on May 31st, but you can watch the short clip below, where he tells David Letterman why Donald Trump is such a great guest, thanks to the Netflix YouTube channel.