A conman named Walter Trump attempted to sell a wall to a hysterical town in order to save the world on a 1958 episode of Trackdown. A video of the episode was uploaded to YouTube in 2016, but it has only now been receiving extra attention because of President Donald Trump's insistence that the United States build a $5 billion wall to stop illegal immigrants from coming in. Trump has partially shut the government down for the past three weeks to try and have congress okay the money and believes that his wall is the only answer. Did this video predict the Donald Trump presidency?

The Trackdown episode aired over 60 years ago, but many are pointing out that it's very fitting for our current state of politics. On the episode, aptly titled The End of the World, Walter Trump tells the town that the only way that the world can be saved is if they build his wall and buy his special umbrellas. Ranger Hoby Gilman attempts to prove Trump is a fraud. It's pretty incredible to watch the episode, and many believe that the episode is fake news. However, it has been proven to be legitimate.

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Along with the wall similarities, there are also some pretty interesting pieces of dialogue that could very well have come from the mouth of Donald Trump. The narrator of Trackdown starts off by stating that the townspeople were ready to believe and compares them to "sheep" as they "ran to the slaughterhouse." The narrator goes on to say that Walter Trump is "the high priest of fraud," who is waiting to con the town with his wall idea. Walter Trump even threatens to sue one of the townspeople. Faux Trump had this to say, and yes, this is very real.

"I am the only one. Trust me. I can build a wall around your homes that nothing will penetrate."

Walter Trump uses fear as his main tactic to try and get the town into his idea of the wall. Trump says that he received a message from the universe that he relays to the people. He says, "at midnight tonight, without my help and knowledge, every one of you will be dead." This is remarkably similar to what President Donald Trump is trying to do with his wall at the moment. Real Trump claims that the United States border issue is a crisis, one that he might declare a national emergency to bypass congress and get his wall built.

The 1958 episode of Trackdown doesn't end so well for Walter Trump and his wall doesn't end up getting built. Donald Trump's main campaign promise was to build a wall that separates the United States and Mexico, going as far as to claim that Mexico would fully fund the construction of said wall. Trump has wavered many times on who will actually pay for his wall and what his wall will be made of, even claiming that it's already in the early stages of being built. No matter your stance on politics, watching this video of Trackdown is pretty eerie and might have you believe that we're living in an alternate and broken timeline. You can watch a clip from the episode below and read the latest update from the wall saga courtesy of Donald Trump's Twitter account.