Donald Trump had to give up his reality-television hosting duties when he was elected by the Electoral College as the president of the United States, but according to a new report, the commander in chief is already planning his return to The Apprentice. Per the report, Trump has been confiding in his closest confidants that he misses his time spent hosting The Apprentice and its spin-off The Celebrity Apprentice. Multiple sources with "knowledge of the situation" and another source close to Trump claim the president has kept in touch with Apprentice creator Mark Burnett, and the two have reportedly been pitching ideas to bring Trump back to television following his time in Washington D.C.

One potential idea for Trump's reality-TV return would be to allegedly have him host a political spin-off of The Apprentice, which would be dubbed Apprentice: White House. It would be produced shortly after Trump leaves office, whether that's after a four-year or eight-year term, taking full advantage of the television star's new status as a president of the United States. The pitch behind the spin-off is that it would be just like The Apprentice, but be solely based on American politics. "There have been several discussions between Burnett and Trump about Apprentice: White House," one source claims, noting Trump was "keen" on the idea while Burnett feels it would be a big money-maker.

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It isn't surprising for Trump and Burnett to stay in touch following Trump's rise as the president of the United States, as the two have had a personal friendship for many years extending beyond their television collaborations. Their relationship is actually so close that Burnett's son served as the ring-bearer at Trump's 2005 wedding to Melania. Burnett also declined to release behind-the-scenes footage from tapings of The Celebrity Apprentice with Trump using slurs to describe Lil Jon and Marlee Matlin, nor did he let any of the contestants out of their non-disclosure agreements. Additionally, Burnett publicly supported Trump's campaign and had made many attempts to recruit musicians for the president's various political events.

Still, while the friendship between the two is apparent, the reports of Trump and Burnett pitching a new TV series are coming under question. A spokesman for Burnett denies the report completely, labeling the quoted statements from the Daily Beast report as "absolutely false," noting Burnett and Trump have not spoken about developing any new television shows "in any shape or form." Meanwhile, White House spokespeople declined to comment. As for the president himself, Trump has yet to officially comment on allegedly pitching Apprentice: White House to Mark Burnett as of this writing, but considering what usually happens in these situations, we can likely respect some kind of a response soon on his official Twitter account.

After hosting The Apprentice for 14 seasons, Trump was replaced as the host by Arnold Schwarzenegger for the show's 15th season. During his run, Trump - as president of the United States - consistently criticized Schwarzengger's job as its host. The series hasn't aired any new seasons since, but if the new report turns out to be accurate, Trump could be firing people on reality television again soon enough. This news was first reported by The Daily Beast.