President Donald Trump will surely not like the fact that fake news just got a big boost in technology. The Deepfake app came to popularity earlier this year when users were taking the A.I. technology and putting Nicholas Cage into classic movies, including pasting his face onto Lois Lane in Man of Steel. The results were often humorous and creepy at the same time, but a new video of President Trump's face pasted on Alec Baldwin with his famous impression is probably the best, and scariest, one yet. The only giveaway is that instead of Trump's voice, you hear Baldwin's over exaggerated impression of the president because other than that, it looks like it's the ultimate in fake news.

Alec Baldwin took on the role of then candidate Trump during the 2016 election for Saturday Night Live and he has reprised the role many times over the last 2 years on the show and elsewhere. Trump does not like the impression and has blasted the show and Baldwin on his world-famous Twitter account and used to do so just about every Sunday after a new episode had aired. It's that tension that makes this new Deepfake video all the better or worse, depending on where you fall in the political spectrum. Whatever the stance, this is potentially very dangerous as we move forward, even if its being used for laughs right now.

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In the short clip, you can see Alec Baldwin's cartoonish version of the president on the left and then Donald Trump's face pasted on top on the right. The results are eerie because it looks so real. Baldwin is mocking Trump's "birther movement" from a segment during the election and is poking fun at the loud sniffing that Trump was doing during the debates. There have been a lot of Deepfakes over the last handful of months and this is hands down, the best of the best, and it's almost scary how good it is.

The new tech has gotten ridiculously good in such a short span of time but has already had controversy attached to it. As with some of the most amazing tech that we have, it was started being used to make fake adult videos starring Hollywood actresses. Users would take the faces of many Hollywood actresses and paste them on to adult film stars' faces, which was convincing enough to have the videos removed from Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook. Additionally, there has been a lot of talk about what the Deepfake technology will do in the era of fake news.

The Deepfake of President Donald Trump and Alec Baldwin is funny, but it could be the real future in the fake news era when a group of people can make it look or sound like anyone said or did anything with more than convincing results. For people that are already crying about fake news when the stories are real, and they just dismiss them as fake because it doesn't follow their narrative, this new Deepfake technology will ramp that even further. You can check out the Deep Fake video of Trump and Baldwin below, but do it quickly because it will more than likely get taken down. The video comes to us from the derpfakes YouTube channel.