The first trailer for True Terror with Robert Englund has arrived. The new Travel Channel series was announced late last year and it's preparing to debut next month. Horror fans should be very excited to see Robert Englund back in action. However, he's not Freddy Krueger from the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise this time around. Instead, he's just himself, but he's revealing real-life horror from all over North America.

The Travel Channel was able to persuade Robert Englund to come on board for the new series and the Freddy Krueger actor says he's "thrilled to bring nightmares to life on True Terror. The show looks at the sinister side of American History, which is right up Englund's alley. He had this to say when asked to describe True Terror with Robert Englund.

"I'm calling it a dark docudrama-Twilight Zone. What I like about it is, even though it's myths and legends, they all were reported in a newspaper. They have a certain journalistic-reportage-cred that I think differentiates it from a show about UFOs or paranormal [activity]. We have our share of ghost stories, but these are ghost stories that were reported in newspapers and periodicals. So, even though perhaps we've outgrown some of those superstitions and we can explain some of those things better now in the 21st century, I still like the idea that these were stories that came from newspapers and I love the fact that they are part of our history. And then there are the ones that are obviously true, like people being buried alive during the yellow fever epidemic."

The trailer teases exactly what Robert Englund is referring to in his description. We're given a subtle tease of what's to come and it looks like it's a must-watch show for horror aficionados. There's even a hint of A Nightmare on Elm Street in the premiere episode where a man can't sleep because he received a premonition that he was going to die in six weeks. Englund had a good chuckle at that. He explains.

"Strangely enough, there are a lot [of stories like that] (laughing). I don't know if this was our producers steering the writers this way because of the baggage that I bring. I've certainly made a small fortune off of nightmares. But I think part of it is that, back in the 19th century and early 20th century, dreams and prophecies were given a little more respect. I think that's why they show up so much."

The aforementioned premiere episode of True Terror with Robert Englund is titled Twisted Relationships, and it begins with a North Carolina storekeeper who is "tormented by a prophetic countdown to his doom. Did he will his own fate, or was there a higher power at play?" After that, a New Orleans teenager finds himself "literally trapped inside a waking nightmare, unable to save himself from his horrific fate." And finally, an "Atlanta police station becomes a battleground for a killer, along with a vengeful spirit."

True Terror with Robert Englund is all set to premiere on the Travel Channel on Wednesday, March 18th, at 10 p.m. ET. It's great to see Robert Englund back on the screen, so hopefully he ends up doing more seasons of the new series, along with other work. As for those fans waiting for him to return as Freddy Krueger, those days are likely over, unless he does another cameo like he did on The Goldbergs. However, stranger things have happened. You can check out the trailer for True Terror with Robert Englund below, thanks to the Halloween Love YouTube channel.