HBO boss Casey Bloys assures True Blood fans that the reboot will have to be a "story worth telling" in order for it to officially happen. Bloys also revealed that it's going to be a while before HBO debuts the recently announced True Blood reboot. Fans of the hit show were taken by surprise when it was revealed that the network was looking to reboot the franchise. The original series consisted of seven seasons that ran from 2008 to 2014.

In a new interview, Casey Bloys spoke about the True Blood reboot. "There's no green light imminent on that," said Bloys. He maintains that the show is still in active development, but it's going to be a minute before it makes its debut. It sounds like it will even be a while before a cast is announced. Bloys explains.

"I wouldn't say it's as far along as, say, the Game of Thrones [spinoff House of Dragon]. We definitely have a writer working on an idea for sure, but I think that it's fair to say it's not quite as far along as people think. It's [not] coming on the air next year. It's a long way away from that."

As for when production will begin on the True Blood reboot, that is a mystery. For now, it seems that HBO is ensuring that they have all of the pieces together before they develop any further. "We'll have to see how it comes together," Casey Bloys adds. "Like with any development, you want to see [if] it [is] a story worth telling. Is it engaging? Does it add to the original? And we'll see." While the reboot does not yet have the green light from HBO, it will likely become a reality in the coming months, but fans will have to be patient.


HBO's original True Blood series is based on The Southern Vampire Mysteries, also known as The True Blood Novels and The Sookie Stackhouse Novels, by bestselling author Charlaine Harris. The first installment, Dead Until Dark, hit bookstores in 2001 where it won the Anthony Award for Best Paperback Mystery. From there, HBO bought the rights and True Blood was born. In the books, the story is told from the first person perspective by Sookie Stackhouse, who was played by actress Anna Paquin on the series.

When the True Blood reboot was announced earlier this year, Anna Paquin found out in the same way the fans did. "I know literally nothing," she said in a recent interview. "None of us knew anything. It went online and we were like, 'Oh ...'" As for appearing on the reboot, the actress says she would be into making an appearance under the right circumstances and wishes the future cast and crew well. The interview with HBO's Casey Bloys was originally conducted by TV Line.