Exactly one year ago today, on a Reddit AMA, original Tremors star Kevin Bacon confirmed that a new Tremors TV show is in the works. 12 months have passed, and we're no closer to seeing Graboids on the small screen than we were last May. But don't give up hope. Because beast assured, this sci-fi thriller is still getting an episodic adaptation that brings Valentine McKee back into the fold. How do we know? Cause Kevin Bacon says it's so.

Yes, in an odd coincidence of timing, Kevin Bacon jumped back on the ol' Internet for another AMA, this time to promote his new show I Love Dick. And as instructed, fans did ask him just about anything and everything. Including, 'What the hell happened to the Tremors TV show'. Bacon responded on Reddit with this brief but ecstatic response.

"We are working on that!"

So, there you go. Right from the mouth of Kevin Bacon himself. While Tremors has gone onto become one of Universe's most popular modern day monster franchises, Kevin Bacon dropped out after the first installment, with series original Michael Gross becoming the true face of this worm saga. So far there have been five movies and a short lived Syfy series that barely anyone remembers, which also starred Gross. Some believed that the Tremors live-action TV show had been kiboshed after Tremors 6 was announced.

Tremors 6 began shooting in South Africa earlier this year, and picks up where Tremors 5 left off. These two films are a quasi-reboot of the series that introduce Jamie Kennedy of Scream fame as Burt Gummer's long lost son. The premise has Burt and Son traveling the world looking for Graboids and other monsters, filming their antics for a reality TV series. It's unclear if the new Tremors movies will crossover with Kevin Bacon's TV show, but the characters all still exist in the same universe.


Tremors the TV Show is only in development at this time. But it's in 'active development', which means things are looking sunny and bright like it's going to be a good day. And it definitely will be if these old Graboids can land another job. Kevin Bacon will not only return as Valentine McKee, but he'll also be executive producing the series. He has always been a fan of the franchise, but never returned for any of the sequels as, at the time back in the 1990s, he was a movie actor, and all subsequent sequels were being made for a direct to video audience.

The series follows a group of hunters trying to prevent an outbreak of underground creatures who are proficient at killing. Universal hasn't announced a premiere date or network for Tremors just yet. Tremors 6 will arrive on Blu-ray and VOD starting January 30, 2018. It's quite possible that this next sequel could have some surprises in store. Like a lead up to the TV series. But that's all speculation at this point.